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Monday, December 20, 2010

God Loves Family

A family is at the center of the celebration of Christmas. There was Joseph, Mary and the new born Savior, Christ the Lord. The family was surrounded by a hosts of Angels and many came in honor of the baby, Jesus. The baby who would save the world. What troubles me is that in the United States, family is decaying.

Divorce is at an all time high. Children are losing respect for their parents and other authority figures. Family converstations at the dinner table have turned into individuals on some type of electronic device in the virtual world of relationship and barely saying a word to each other. There are so many things that peel away at the time families need to support, encourage and love each other.

My prayer for all families this Christmas is that they would stick together and spend quality time with each other. Love on your spouse; love on your kids. This is kind of a side note, but if you want your teenagers to pay attention to you, you have to pay attention to them when they are very young. Teach respect and honor by bestowing those gifts to them. Here's a hint at the intelligence of a two year old. By the time an infant is a year old, their ability to understand what is being said is pretty much complete. So, if you try to drop your two-year-old at a day care in your sweats (when usually in your work clothes) an hour later than usual and tell him/her that you are going to work; they know you are lying and will have a horrible day at school. This is the foundation of mistrust with your child. Refrain. Spend time with your children and treat them with the dignity you expect as an adult.

God is all about family. He created it. It is sooo important to Him that He sent His only son to live on this earth as part of one. Family must be pretty important to the Lord Almighty. So, I believe that if you make a serious effort and try to do things that build your relationships during Christmas break, there will be a host of Angels watching over and the God of the Universe reaching down to bless you.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

It's A Miracle

Jesus, as predicted by the prophets of old, was born of a virgin. Mary engaged to be married had not known a man. It was a miracle. There is no explanation other than God made it happen by His will; by His Word. Interstingly, miracles are hard to grasp. Due to the mystery of miracles, some don't accept them. At the same time I have heard this word used casually. For example, "Oh my goodness! I found my pair of shoes on sale! It was a miracle those prices," or, "Miracle! My son did his homework and I did not have to remind him," or, "It was a miracle! I thought the Super Bowl was sold out and I got tickets at the last minute."

From what I can tell in the Word of God, whenever a miracle happened, someone got saved, set free, delivered or ministry was birthed; and God got all the Glory. They are also not planned out in advance and completely supernatural. Meaning, the total absence of the flesh and completely done by the LORD. Elizabeth, the mother of John the Baptist, was barren and old; yet the Lord on His Word to Zacharias made a miracle by opening her womb. Moses held up his rod and by the Lord, the Sea parted. Christ rose himself from the dead. Jonah was swallowed by a whale and lived to tell about it. Isaish was caught up into the throne room of God Almighty.  All of these things took place without prior knowledge that it would happen to them, it was done on the agenda of the Most High God, it was unexplainable, supernatural, it was all about God and He got all the Glory.

God is a worker of miracles. My prayer is that you would be a witness to and receiver of a great work that He does for you or through you. If you need a miracle; money miraculously showing up in your mailbox, a mulitplication of food in your home as demonstrated by Christ, your womb opened, or your physical ailment healed, ask for one. God can do it. He is a miracle worker and with Him all things are possible. Believe God for an authentic miraculous move of His hand and then see His salvation.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

God's Gifts Are Yes, and AMEN!!

Until you are in the grave there is always the chance for you to reach the destiny God has for you. Every single person who is born has a God given purpose. A scripture that is quoted by many believers when it comes to destiny and future is Jeremiah 29:11, "For I know the thoughts that I think toward you," says the Lord, "thoughts of peace and not evil, to give you a future and a hope."

Isn't it an awesome thing to grasp?! The Creator of the universe and everything that exists, is thinking about you! He has plans for us! All of us!! What a blessing! Even more interesting, the Lord does not renig on His plan for us. Romans 11:29 says, "For the gifts and calling of God are irrevokable." Whatever God has for us in our destiny, we can be assured it is ours for the taking.

God is all powerful. He spoke and the sun came into existence. Even our mishaps cannot thwart the great things God has for us. He has already worked everything out for His glory. All we have to do is receive the Gift given to us over 2000 years ago, Jesus. As we celebrate Christmas, each time you give or receive a gift, think of Him, what He has given to you and wants to give to you. They are all wrapped up under the tree of Life with your name on them. Perfect tining. It's Christmas. Go get 'em!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Protect Your Pearls

When Mary heard from the Angel that she would be the mother of Jesus, she pondered it in her heart. The first person she went to tell was her cousin, Elizabeth, the mother of John the Baptist. Mary used wisdom. She chose to share a pearl with a woman the Lord chose to give a pearl to.

In a nutshell, if the Lord reveals something to you, you don't have to tell everybody about it. We should use wisdom and ask the Lord if it is something we are to ponder in our heart or if there is a person or persons we are to share with. The secrets and revelations of God are precious pearls. Jesus, in Matthew 7:6 warns, "Do not give what is holy to the dogs; nor cast your pearls before swine, lest they trample them under their feet, and turn and tear you in pieces."

There was a time I blabbed it all and found my pearls trampled on and my heart in pieces. The wound was deep and there is definately a scar on my soul where the crack was made. But, Hallelujah! The Lord has led me beside the still waters and is restoring my soul. But it was a powerful lesson. The Lord has let me know that it is okay not to share everything. And, I should not be offended when a person does not opt to share everything with me that is going on in their life.

It's because.... none ya! This is a phrase my uncle Dennis used with me when I was around 5 years old. I kept asking him question after question and finally he said, "None Ya." I was like, what does that mean? Well, it took me awhile, but "none ya" means, none of your business. Some things are just none of our business. We need to trust God with us and with others. He knows what is best for us to know and/or share. We should glean from the wisdom of Mary and protect the pearls that are bestowed upon us.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Celebrating You! 805 Pageviews

Thank you all for staying tuned in and reading my blog. At 34 postings the blog has had 805 pageviews. Thank you so much for your support. A special shout out to my readers in Canada, France, Italy, Croatia and Iraq. A special, special thank you to my friend Svenja, in Germany.

As a teacher and trainer I have learned that it is important for people to read what they are interested in. So, let me hear from you. What would you like to read about regarding the Christian faith? Are there any questions you have or scriptures in the Word that make you go, "Hmmmm... not sure about this?"

In addition, do you need someone to pray alongside you regarding anything. I will join you in prayer and send you scripture that lines up with your current situation. I believe that we should pray without ceasing as Paul teaches and that we should remember each other in prayer.

So, if you have a topic you would like discussed, a question about scripture answered or a prayer request, send me an email. My address is in the column to your right. God Bless You All!! Send me your subjects and prayer requests.
In His Grip,

Monday, December 13, 2010

The Road

I wrote this poem many years ago. I am inspired to post it after hearing the sermon this past Sunday. As we continually approach the Day of the Lord, a reflective question for us to ask ourselves is, "What road am I on?"

The Road

Oh dark and wide road,
Where is it that you lead,
Calling with Pide Pipers tune
And reaping hearts in need?

Blinding with a false light,
Hardening with a bitter freeze,
Beckons the ways of this world,
"Follow me - if you please

Fame, fortune, happiness,
A big house or a nice car,
Money or a high position,
The right to name a star."

The flesh overcomes the soul.
Our eyes look on what we want;
Then worships things of idleness
That some day will be lost.

What looks so easy...
What looks the right way...
The road many travel,
Is made to lead astray.

So fix your eyes on Majestic wings
And a fiery blaze of grace.
Look upon the Giver of Life
And seek His Glorious Face.

Trust the refining fire.
Eternal Life, Hope, Promise behold.
And take the path less travel,
The Light and narrow road.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

The Place of Deliverance

"Now when they (the magi) departed, behold, an angel of the Lord appeared to Joseph in a dream, saying, 'Arise and take the Child and His mother, and flee to Egypt, and remain there until I tell you; for Herod is going to search for the Child to destroy Him.' And he arose and took the Child and His mother by night, and departed to Egypt." Matthew 2:13-14

Egypt is the land the Israelites were delivered from slavery. Egypt is a dry, dusty, sandy place. Think about it. We use "Egypt" to describe hard places, a place or situation we were freed from, extreme distance or feeling far away from someone or something. So, if you are in a hard place; if you are in a land of deliverance; if you feel separated, set a part or far away from goodness; consider this. You just might be under cover. The Lord could be hiding you from the devouerer of your soul.

We serve an Omnipresent, Omniscient, Omnipotent God who has defeated a foe who can not be in more than one place at a time, is not all knowing or all powerful. And, our God will not allow any plan He has for you be usurped. So, if you feel like you are in "Egypt," rejoice! You may be in the Kingdom's witness protection program, hidden by the arm of the Most High God; and getting ready to testify as a bold witness for Christ.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

More Than A Word - Hallelujah!

The most frightening book in the Bible is Revelation. John lays out the End Times (also known as the End of Days) with passionate finality. It is hard to grasp the things to come written in it, but I made a wonderful discovery about this book. Revelation gives us a word that we use ALL... THE... TIME; especially during the Christmas Season. The word is Hallelujah. Interestingly, it is only used four times in the entire Bible. In addition, those four times occur in one passage of scripture, Revelation 19:1-6.

"Hallelujah" means, Praise Ye the Lord. This phrase is seen 23 times in the Old Testament. "Praise" in the context of this phrase comes from the Hebrew word 'halal' meaning to shine, to flash forth light, to praise, to boast about, glory, be commended, made praiseworthy, worthy of praise. Basically, whenever we use the word Hallelujah we are saying, "God! Shine! Flash forth Your Light! We praise and boast about Your Glory. We commend You, who is praiseworthy and the only One worthy of praise!"

Saints, it is by design that we sing the Hallelujah Chorus during this time of year. Yes, Jesus was born, lived and died. But Hallelujah! He defeated our enemy and rose on the third day. Hallelujah! The story is NOT over. He is coming back as KING of kings and LORD of Lords! And, He shall reign For-EVER... and EVER! Hallelujah! For the Lord God Omnipotent reigns! 

Jesus is not a baby anymore. He sits at the right hand of Father waiting for one word, "Go!" It is no coincidence that the Lord has a song at Christmas that allows us to take part in the prophecy of the coming King. Hallelujah! Christ was born; Christ was risen and Christ.. will... come... again!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Fearfully and Wonderfully Made

The curtain began to rise and all of us contestants stood in pageant stance with beaming smiles. It was time to find out who was Queen and who would be on her court. Beauty pageants and modeling were part of my extra curricular activities in high school and first years of college. And, I am grateful for that time. I made many friends, some of them life long friends. I gleaned wisdom from directors and trainers on how to be successful in interviews, have good posture, answer impromptu questions for a live audience and to run a live show. Out of all the lessons I learned, the one I treasure the most is one from a former Miss California who was my pageant director for many years. She told me, "Lisa, you will never know what the judges are looking for. So, never dismay if you are not chosen queen. Because you can be the absolutely best apple in the world, but if they are looking for an orange, you will not win. Be the best you, you can be and don't worry about the other fruits. God has a plan for you. Trust Him with how He made you."

The Lord tells us in Jeremiah that He has a plan for us. He tells us in Psalms that He knit us in our mother's womb. He tells us that He knows every hair on our head. God made us the way He needs us to be for the purpose He has for us. I believe that God had something in mind for every detail about us. And, instead of marveling at how wonderful God sees us, we marvel at what we don't like about ourselves and constantly compare ourselves to others. In the pageant world, it happens. Let me tell you. Girls are looking at each other comparing butts, lips, hair and boobs... hey, I am just keepin' it real. Unfortunately, it happens among believers too. We compare our looks, homes, cars, jobs, economic status, and our kids to others. This is not good. We need to stop comparison. When we compare ourselves to others it can lead to an unhealthy jealousy or cause us to get off the path the Lord has for us.  

God is so pleased with how He made you. Let me be very clear. This does not include, disobeying God's Word, being chained to sin and/or not taking care of your temple. So, please don't read this and say, "Well, this is how God made me so I'll just... keep on smokin'." What I am talking about is your natural born talents and gifts, the physical physique He intended you to have and the life YOU are to lead. Being YOU in the center of God's will is the best TO be and place to be. If you are there, AWESOME!! If not, I repeat what I was told so many years ago, "Be the best you, you can be and don't worry about the other fruits. God has a plan for you. Trust Him with how He made you; fearfully and wonderfully." Well... I added a little : )

Monday, December 6, 2010

Time to Purge

I would have been so embarrassed if ya'll were to see what was in my closet. It was such a mess. I had clothes with tags on because I had not worn them. There were clothes with holes or stretched out because they were old. In the corner, there were clothes too small because I am just not 22 anymore. I mean it is really ridiculous. This past weekend I decided it was time to clean the closet and get rid of some things. So, I put things in piles, washed what I was keeping and bagged up what needed to go.

This is what we need to do with our heart, souls and minds before we start writing our New Year's resolution. There are areas in our hearts that need to be given over to the Lord, thoughts in our minds that need to go and bandages on wounds that are just not working anymore. If we are going to run the race for Christ we have got to keep our temples clean. So, I'm just asking tonight, is anyone's house dirty? Is there any unfinished business that needs to happen?

We have 25 days left in this year. I am challenging us to take these last 25 days to take an inventory of ourself. What needs cleaning up? What needs healing? What needs to go? If you are not sure, ask the Lord. He will tell you. Whatever it is with the Lord's help take care of it. We don't want to end the year right, we want to end this year BEING right. Then we will be ready to hear what God has instore for us next year. And, His resolutions for us our way better than what we can think of on our own.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Hallelujah! Hanukkah!!

This blog is dedicated to Hal and Barbra Miner, Rabbi Murray Silberling, Julie Burkhart, the dancers of Beth Emunah and Shepherd of the Hills Church. I am truly blessed and grateful for the time I had with you. The knowledge that you shared with me regarding the Jewish roots of the Christian faith and sharing your deep passion for worshipping the Lord through dance is priceless. These are gems that I treasure and thank the Lord for. God bless you all. And Happy Hannukkah!
Baruch Ha Shem (Praise the Name)

So, what is Hanukkah anyway? Thanks to those mentioned above I am able to share. During the 2nd Century BCE, Jerusalem was controlled by a Syrian King who desecrated the Temple with false gods and unclean sacrifices. A revolt took place and the Jews regained control of the Holy City and decided to re-dedicate the Temple to the LORD. However, there was only enough oil to keep the eternal flame lit for one day. A miracle happened. The oil lasted for eight days, which is the time it takes to press, prepare and consecrate fresh olive oil. 

Recognizing that the LORD had provided, Judah, his brothers and the entire congregation of Israel decreed that the festival should be celebrated every year. It begins on the 25th day of Kislav (sometime between late November and early December according to the Gregorian calendar) for 8 nights and days. Each night a candle is lit on the chanukiah candelabra and stays lit for 30 minutes after sunset. This year it began on Dec. 1 and will end Dec. 9. During Hanukkah, also known as the Festival of Lights, children and adults play with dreidels and Latkes are a popular food eaten. And, there is celebration with praise and worship through song and dance.

As we prepare to celebrate the birth of Christ, please remember our Jewish brothers and sisters in Christ as they celebrate the miracle of the oil. Pray for the peace of Jerusalem and that more Jews would come to know Yeshua (Jesus) as Ha Mashiach (the Messiah); who first came as the suffering servant and who will return as their, our, conquering KING.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Unwavering Walk

Pure truth is hard to find. There are so many markets selling words of wisdom. Discernment is really needed to wade through all the information that is at our finger tips, literally. As a former journalist, it amazes me how people take what they read or hear as truth without checking out the story or the sources. It's even more amazing how many people are being led astray spiritually due to receiving false doctrine and becoming mesmorized by the charisma of someone before character is weighed. I am thankful, so thankful, that the man behind the pulpit at my church is a preacher of biblical truth and walks his talk. He will not move a centimeter from the Word and he yields to it.

Dr. J. Kie Bowman
Executive Pastor
Hyde Park Baptist Church
Most who see him remark on his striking resemblance to Billy Graham. I put a picture on here so you can judge for yourself. But, look. Doesn't he? Well, he may look like Mr. Graham, but what I appreciate is his heart for the Lord and the way he honors his wife and family, like Mr. Graham. I honor him because he is commited to his post, Hyde Park Baptist Church. I respect him because he has lived Christ-like under some real trials. Even now, he is in the midst of another storm and our church is diligently praying for him. And still, every Sunday we are guaranteed an unfiltered sermon straight from God's Word. We get a little bit of milk, potatoes, green beans and a big, fat, juicy steak. A whole meal is given to us right out of the oven, on-fire! HALLELUJAH!!  It is solid doctrine. And that's why I listen to him. He tells the truth.

This is a side note. If you are in a church that is a mile long and an inch deep, something... is amiss. If you are in a church where the pastor is more concerned about his name than THE Name, run. If you are in a church where the pastor is harder to meet with than Donald Trump; careful that is an ego problem that stems from pride. And pride goeth before a fall. If you are in a church where the pastor waters down the Word or leaves it out due to fear of people leaving, you will starve spiritually; if that is the only person feeding you. Beware. We are in the times of "Tickling Ears." Make sure you are in a church where the pastor encourages, exhorts and corrects. All three are needed.

Those three are exactly what we get at Hyde Park. Sometimes it's, "You can do it saints!" Sometimes it's a Hebrew and Greek lesson. Sometimes it's getting bandages for our wounds. And, sometimes it's, "Get right with God."

Dr. Bowman is awesome. I consider him my spiritual father. He encourages me to make Jesus proud and be all I can be in His army. I am so glad and thankful that the Lord has returned me to Austin, Texas under the leadership of Dr. Bowman and part of the family at Hyde Park Baptist Church. Is he perfect? Is my church perfect? No, to both of those. But, they constantly point me to the perfect One. I love my pastor. I love my church. And, that is the unfiltered truth.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

A Confession

Many years ago, a Pastor told the congragation that he wasn't preaching the message to them, but he was preaching to himself. Well, this blog is an example of that. I hope you are encouraged, but I am basically preaching to myself. So, pray for me.

I don't have too much of a problem when I get hurt by others. But, when my family or friends come under fire I am Rea-DY to FIGHT! Today, I got a call from my mom about a family situation that has been long standing and really gets my goat. Basically, there is someone that is in the life of a relative that is just Oooo! Just... OH! He is not right. He is just not right. My flesh rises up like dough with an overload of yeast in the oven whenever the subject comes up. Ya'll may not believe me, but I wished from my heart that the Lord would take him out. I told the Lord, "There is no way I am spending an eternity with that guy. So, take him out now before he gets saved."

Hate, anger and bitterness entered my heart; and it weighed me down. My peace and joy were gone. I could barely sleep at night. In the Lord's way, He let me know I needed to forgive this person. With my husband sitting next to me, I pounded my fist on my lap and through gritted teeth said, "No Lord! I will not forgive him!"

It has been years and I still have to lift this person up and forgive. Again, lift this person up and forgive. Forgive again, and again, and again, and again. It is a struggle. Forgiveness is hard when you feel the person is undeserving. But who am I? Without Christ, I am the same as this guy. With Christ, I have the ability to walk in peace despite what the enemy is doing to and through this guy. With Christ, I have the power to refrain from allowing his actions to dictate mine.  With Christ, I am able to forgive.

God is good. When I began this process by taking a step in faith to forgive through prayer, a weight lifted and I was able to sleep again. My peace and joy returned. I don't know how. I just know that it worked. And, once again, the Lord has proven that His Word works, EVERY.... Time!

Are you having a hard time forgiving? Sister... Brother... Believe me. I... FEEL.. You. But, let's pray for each other. Let's grab the hand of the One who is the Master of Forgiveness and ask for his help. There is no doubt in mind. He will.

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Yeah!! It's Christmas Time

Caroling, Christmas musicals at schools, Christmas pageants of Christ birth at churches, Santas in malls, party after party and lights, lights, lights everywhere! I love it!! It's my favorite season. What is amazing to me is that there are sooo many people who claim that America is no longer a "christian" nation, but it seems the majority take part in Christmas.

Think about it. Most retail businesses are in the red (meaning having no profit) on Thanksgiving Day. The next day and thru Dec. 31, these businesses go into the black (meaning having profit.) Shopping is at an all time high the end of the year. You can argue that people are just buying, no connection to Christmas at all. But, no... not buying that arguement. I heard from a sister in the Lord, today, that there was a group singing the Hallelujah Chorus in a Macy's store. Many watching joined in. At the end of the song everyone burst out with a huge, "HALLELUJAH!"

So, what is this with the statistics of America entering a post christian era and all these people buying Christmas gifts, Christmas decorations, Christmas trees and attending some type of christian church service? Well, I don't know. Maybe for many it has become cultural; a habit, just something we're supposed to do. But, when I came across a retailer who, in a corrective manner, responded, "Happy Holidays," to my "Merry Christmas," I stated, "No, Sir! Merry Christmas. Don't you recognize that if Jesus wasn't born, you'd still be in the red. So you better get your Praise on and thank God for having the forsight to bring you blessing in your business."

I have gained understanding that Christmas was created as an alternative to pagan festivities. This is similar to churches offering Harvest Fun as an alternative to Halloween. However that may be, my family chooses Jesus as the reason for the season. We celebrate His birth and reflect on the great gift of His life given to and up for us. He is the Savior, our Lord, Redeemer and Prince of Peace. So, as for me and house.. we will celebrate the Lord!

Monday, November 29, 2010

THE Love Letter

My greatest adventure with the Bible was being in Israel. I walked the base of the fallen walls at Jericho. My hands ran along side a wall of Rahab's house. My eyes glared at the cave David hid in from King Saul. I felt the waters of the Sea of Galilee lap over my feet. I gained understanding of why thousands could hear the Lord give the Sermon on the Mount. It is a natural amphitheatre and the wind it's speakers. My favorite site was the garden tomb. It is exactly the way it is described in Mark 16:5. You enter in and look to the right.
In my experiences with street evangelism I have come across many, many opinions about the legitimacy of the Bible; from the Bible is a collection of fantasy and fairytales, to it has contradictions, to it's part of a conspiracy to control people. I have heard it AAALLL!!! The funny thing is that there are more historical records proving most of what is in the Bible than any other book written. I have met several people who went to disprove the Bible and in the process ended up giving their life to Christ.

The Bible is true and accurate. It is not made up stories, fairytales or fantasy. It is a compilation of testimonies and actual events that bear witness to a Holy God. The common thread of these testimonies is His unwavering and steadfast love for us. As a whole, the Bible is about God reaching His creation and saying, "Come to Me all who are weary and heavy laden of this world. I am your Creator and through my Son, I will give you an abundant life in this world and the next."

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving

"I thank our God upon every remembrance of you."
Phillipians 1:3

Wishing you all a wonderfully fun and safe Holiday.

Happy Thanksgiving

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Great Expectations

It amazes me how many of us have dreams and visions for our life and then settle into something that does not match our expectation for life at all. And, let's be honest. It isn't the devil. It isn't God either. It's us and our free will. Every choice we make has consequences. Those consequences can range from great to awful to devastating. It is our responsibility to walk in the Spirit, stay in God's presence and adhere to His word. This allows us to hear His voice and guidance.

My mom had a great strategy I still use today. "Don't do anything you wouldn't do if Jesus was standing right there." Another strategy is ask your true friends about your life choices. The Bible teaches in Proverbs to surround yourself with wise counsel. Have forsight. See if what you are about to do will bring great blessing or a great curse to your life.

We want to make decisions that produce positive results. God wants us to have an abundant life that is filled with great and wonderful things. We should dream and have great expectations for ourselves according God's word. But, to see it manifest, we need to excercise great wisdom.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Guardian Angels: A True Story

One night, in India, the order of the evening was to shoot my teammates and I on sight. This news was brought to us as a warning to cancel the meeting. The government was aware of where we would be and what we were doing. Understand, sharing the gospel in an open field is against the law and punishable by immediate death. No trial, no judge, no jury.

This threat did not waver our plans. We went. The whole way we laughed and were happy that the Lord chose us to be martyrd. We worshipped and sang in Tamil to our God. However, in the back of my mind I had thoughts and questions no one likes to think about. The laughter and joy ended when our eyes landed on soldiers and their big guns once we arrived. Well, it was too late. We were there. My life was flashing before my eyes as I was repenting and forgiving in prayer. I wanted to be ready before I met the Lord. And, all of this was cloaked with extreme fear. 

To our surprise the military stayed and walked around, but no harm came to us. The night was awesome! There were healings, miracles and people came to a saving knowledge of Christ. Then we went back to the hotel and thought how cool it was to have crowd control and that the person who sent the warning was just trying to trick us.

A knock on the door during our debrief was the end to that belief. Long story short, one of the soldiers came to our hotel weeping and sobbing uncontrollably. He spoke to our leader privately in his native tongue, "Help me!! Help me!!! I need what you have! We were there to kill you, but the giants wouldn't let us! Help me!! What were those things surrounding you?!!!"

The dialogue between our leader and the soldier was explained to us after it took place downstairs. I was like, "Giants! What giants? I didn't see any!" The Lord opened the spiritual world to the eyes of those who  needed to see... our guardian angels.

Wherever you go, the Lord has flanked you with His secret service. Nothing can happen to you that is not part of His just and perfect plan. We have nothing to fear when it comes to our well being. When we are making wise choices in the plan God has for us, no one's plan to take you out will be successful. And, Isaiah 54:17 is made manifest in our lives: " No weapon formed against you shall prosper."  Believe it. Receive it.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

The Price of Promotion

This is going to be short but, sweet. I am going through this right now. So, I know I can't be the only one. My prayer is that you will be blessed and encouraged to stay the course and not give up.

When the Israelites were getting ready to cross into the Promise Land, they had to decide that God was on their side and believe that the Land was for them to possess and inhabit. Then they had to take a step of faith into the rushing waters of the Jordan River to cross over into the Land. Then they had to defeat the giants that were presently there to possess it.

Promise Land is destiny; purpose; calling. I don't know what your Promise Land is but, I believe there are many who are close to entering it. However, there is a river you may have to cross and giants to defeat. The river is your step of faith. What do you need to give up to receive what the Lord has for you? Many want diamonds but, are not willing to give up the Cracker Jack Box necklace in their hands. You want the Jaguar but. are clinging to the Pontiac for dear life. Forget about Eygpt. God has something more; something better.

Defeating the giants? That's the price. Whenever you are about to receive blessing or promise from the Lord the enemy will post giants to keep you from receiving it. You may be getting ready for promotion and now all of a sudden you're surrounded by hate and cruelty. Co-workers are smiling in your face and stabbing you in the back. You may be getting ready to receive that new home and now you have whispers of fear spoken in your ear. You may be getting ready for praise and honor. But, look out! Here come slander and character assassination. Stay focused in the Word and continue to do well. Keep your flesh subdued and do not, do not retaliate. God's plan for you will not be thwarted as long as you keep walking into it.

Remember, if God be for you, who can stand against you? Don't give up! Don't give up!! Kick the devil out and receive your inheritance. The Bible teaches that the Lord knows the hairs on our head. He is very particular about the details in our life. When we walk into the destiny or purpose He has, we cannot fail. So, when the Lord says, "This is for you," you can know, IT... IS.... YOURS!!!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

LORD!! My Husband is Trippin'!

Marriage? One word. WOOOOOOOWWWWAH!  It's weird. I can't really explain it. I can say that it is so many things at the same time. It's definately not like any other relationship on the planet. It's just.... wow.

Please, understand. My husband and I love, respect and support each other. We have a wonderful marriage. He's like milk and I'm cereal. We just go together. But, every once in awhile he's oil and I'm water. For example..........

My husband decided to bring a 15-20 year old washer into our marriage. Within the year, it wasn't working properly. So, I went to my blue-eyed prince (for those of you who don't know, my husband is white - another message for another day) and explained that we needed a new washer. He disagrees.
I get my workout clothes on for a prayer walk. Well, actually, a 'complain-to-the-Lord' walk. "Seriously!!? Lord! Do something. You need to speak to your son. We need a new washer! What is wrong with him anyway? I am so sure. It's old and not working."

Walking down the street I proabably looked like a crazy person. I was talking out loud, waving my arms, pointing up to the sky and being upset. But, Hallelujah! The next week, the washer.... broke. After doing a dance and giving a silent high five to heaven, I composed myself so I wouldn't look too excited. With a puzzled expression and extremely calm voice I said, "Babe, the washer broke. I don't know what's wrong with it." After looking at it himself, he takes out the credit card and says, "Call the repairman."

Biting my lip, I take the card, make the call and then run upstairs to put on my workout clothes. I could have been one of those Olympic speed walkers on that day. I was STEAM - MING! At first, all I could say through gritted teeth was, "Jesus, Jesus. Help me Jesus. Help me Lord." Then I went into complaining. I could not believe it.

The repairman came and we get a high quote. I asked if we could just go look at a new washer because it may be cheaper to buy a new one. We do and find a deal for a new washer and dryer set that was less than the repair work. I was HAAPPYYY!!! My smile was like a Dentyne commercial... TING! While writing the check, my husband started shaking his head and said, "You prayed for this to happen, didn't you?" I was like, "Noooo. I didn't ask Him to break our washer. I just asked for a new one. heeheehee : )"

Hey, this is sooo cool. It will end a lot of wasted time in arguing. When you disagree with someone in authority over you, just take it to the Lord. He will either change your heart or theirs. It's that simple. No stress, no yelling, no worries. Just take it to Throne and the God of the Universe will work it out.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

What's Your Brand?

Labels are everywhere. They are on our clothes, shoes, cars, furniture, home decor, computers and phones. Levi's, Lucky Jeans, Chanel, Versace, Ann Taylor, Samsung, Iphone, Christian Dior, Mary Kay, Clinique, Lamcone, Mercedes, BMW, Toyota, Nissan, Droid, Toshiba, Dell, Fascinate, Llardro, Lennox, Gucci, Coach, Fruit of the Loom and Spanx!

Outside of the labels on things, we are labeled. We get labeled according to what we own, our faith, choice of career and/or our hobbies. Our experiences, heartaches, hurts and pain label us as well. The labels people have for us will either make us leap for joy or cry. It's interesting, though, how fascinated we are with and stuck on labels that will pass away. And, maybe in our lifetime. I remember when Jordache Jeans were the label to have on your butt. Now, it's Lucky. These labels are fleeting and will contiually change with time. But there is one that won't.

We, as believers, have another label. It is smack dead in the middle of your forehead. A spiritual tattoo put there God. And, it is eternal. The Bible teaches in Leviticus that the priests were to have a plate on their head piece labeled, Holiness to the Lord. Throughout the Bible before judgement or calamity, the Lord would send forth His angel to mark the saints. This mark would protect them from whatever harm was coming to the land.

We were bought with the blood of Christ, sealed into salvation and branded as His. This is the label we need to share and boast about. It is the label that supercedes all the others. It makes you rich, gives you an inheritance, a purpose and destiny. It erases labels that don't line up with the identity given to you through Christ. You are not forsaken, but redeemed. You are no longer a whore, but a princess. You are no longer a liar, but bearer of truth. You are no longer a slave to anything. You... are... Free! So, the next time someone asks what brand you have, take off your hat or lift up your bangs, point to your forehead and say, "I am redeemed, protected, never rejected, provided for and loved. I am saved and free. My brand, my mark is clear. I am His."

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

The Terrible Two's

"NO!!" "Mine!" "Iiii dooo it!" "Myself!" These are the words of the two-year-old. I have and will listen to those words frequently due to my tent making skill (he who has ears...) Anyway, at this stage of life the child is fighting for their independence and building a foundation for their autonomy and positive self-esteem. So, all they see is theirself. Sharing? Very difficult for the two-year-old. They also do not like change in their life. Any kind of change. For example, if dad is the parent who usually drops a child off and then one day, (without warning) mom does it, temper tantrums can happen. They love to touch everything even if it is not theirs. That's because they believe that everything they see belongs to them. At this age many have a "my-way-or-the-highway" mentality. That's because they scream, "Hey! It's AAAALLL About ME!"

Let's cut to the chase. How old are you.... in the spirit? Me? Well, I believe the Lord has me in this profession just to point out when I'm acting like a two-year-old. When I don't get "my" way the prayer always starts, "What about me, Lord?" My goodness! All this I want, I want, I want... me,me,me,me. I am sure to the Lord I sound like a vocalist warming up sometimes, "Me,me,me,meeee!"

Oooo Lord.. should I go there? Yes, I will. The two-year-old will also manifest him/herself when the person leaves the church because the carpet got changed to a color he/she didn't like. Or, when the pastor runs out the front door and does not give the time he/she expected. Or, when they don't get called to use their gift or talent at the time they believe it should happen. Or, someone keeps sittin' in their seat! C'mon now. Ya'll know what I'm saying is true. Lord, how is the army of God functioning with all these two-year-olds leaving their post?

It's time to stop whining and complaining everytime something does not go our way. We are supposed to be christians. That means our way, is His way; and if it's His way, our way would happen. So... grow... up. Let's get off the milk, eat some meat, submit to the pastor's leadership and find God's assignment for us, where we are at. And, when the Lord returns and the Victory is ours we will be able to scream, "Hey! It's AAAALL About You Lord! It's ALL ABOUT YOU!"

Monday, November 15, 2010

Mom!!! There's Bleach in the Water!

I had a great time in India serving the Lord. There are so many stories from that experience. But, most of the lessons rang after I returned to the United States. When I finally arrived home, after a more than 24 hour trip, I felt the need to take a shower and brush my teeth. I put the tooth brush under the water, put it in my mouth and instantly spit it out. It was nasty. I started yelling for my mom to call the water company. "Somethin's wrong with the water mom! It tastes like bleach!"

My mom tastes the water and lets me know that there is nothing wrong with the water; it's me. She explained that I wasn't used to it because I had been drinking clean water for months. She was right. For six months, the only water I used for drink, to wash my face and brush my teeth was bottled, fresh, spring water. It was clean. But, now, I was tasting all the impurities of the water here. The chlorine and other additives we use to "clean" our water was very evident to my tongue. And, I didn't... like IT.

Throughout my walk with the Lord, many believers have asked how to hear from the Lord and understand what He's saying. Here's part of it. We have to stop drinking tainted water. We need to drink the new wine and keep our minds purified with the Word, daily. When this is practiced, anything that does not line up with God's word will taste funny and be spit out!

When the disciples asked for "THE" sign of His return, the Lord responded, "Be careful that no one deceive you." (Matthew 24:4) Deception is on the rise, even in the church. There are people in the pulpit based on a piece of paper and not the call of God; speaking half truths and no truths at all. Streams are flowin' but, they are filled with additives and some just pure mud. Take your Bible to church and make sure what is on that little slip of paper is in the Word. We don't have to be paranoid, but the Word teaches that we test the spirits and weigh what is being taught.

We have to keep the Word on our hearts, make sure what is being taught is pure doctrine and be mindful of what we are choosing to watch and listen to. This keeps us conformed to Kingdom thinking and actions instead of the worlds. Then our ear to hear the Voice of our God will be primed to listen and obey.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Who's Your Hero

Lindsay Wagner (Jamie Somers, The Bionic Woman)

The Comic Convention in Austin was a blast to the past!! Wooo... the revealing of my age was made when I was excited to see Lindsay Wagner and Lee Majors and my son, Jacob, had no idea who they were. I was like, "Are you kidding? That's the Six Million Dollar Man and the Bionic Woman!" My son in response shrugged his shoulders and reminded me he was born in the 90's; long after those series had ceased. 

Lou Ferrigno (The Hulk - the green guy from the 70's)

My husband and I were brought back to our childhood's and felt nostalgic as we posed for photos with Lando from Star Wars and The Hulk. We talked about our favorite hero's and then realized something. Our heroes were old. They were people with no power, mortal and still trying to live on what their characters portrayed. The portrayal that there was someone great, someone powerful, someone good and someone who could save us. A true hero.

I assert to you that we have a true hero in Jesus, the Christ. He is great. He is powerful. He is good. And He is a mighty Savior. Love and peace are his weapons and the cross his strategy. He is the Victor, never losing. If you call out to Him, He is there in a hurry. And, He will NEVER... EVER... Let... you... down. So, the next time you hear your son, daughter, friend or loved one bring up Wonder Woman, Superman, Bat Man, Cat Woman or any other super hero, bring up the true Hero; the lover of our souls, our Savior and Lord, Jesus.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

What's Your Part

It is never a dull moment at choir rehearsal. Altos, sopranos, tenors and basses sit infront of our director, Pastor Fred McNab, singing, laughing, crying, praying and working... HARD!! Pastor Fred stands on a small platform infront of us with the ability to control our voices with a wave of his hand or point of his finger. Well, most of the time. His love and passion for the Lord drive him to lead worship in spirit and truth. His tenacity and strength combined with sarcasm and humor drive us to know our parts and perform them well.

Each section of singers lift their voices blending melody and harmonies. Accompanied by a full orchestra, the voices and instruments combine a myriad of sounds to create beauty as an offering for the Lord. One conductor leads many to bring the message of Hope through one sound, music.

This is the picture of the body. Every believer should know their part. We should study, learn and practice our part and do this without jealousy or need to abandon our part for someone else's. Our eyes should be fixed on our Conductor so, we can follow his leading and timing. And when we, the church, function like that, what a sound; what a sound! The sound of Hope. The sound of Love. The sound of Peace. The sound that there is a Savior.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Me Time Is Not Selfish

It amazes me how many people have no quiet time to themselves. There is work, church, your kid's, their activities, your activities, friends, conferences, meetings, sports events, social networking and the attempt to take care of the home. It seems impossible to get "me time."

But, let me clear. "Me time," is not praisin' in your car on the way to work or home from work. It is not cooking or cleaning for your family. It is not doing anything for anybody else. It is doing something for youself, by yourself. The only other Person present during "me time" should be the Lord. It may be going for a walk or sitting by a window with a cup of tea. It may be spending time in the Word and/or praying. The idea of "me time" is having time to be with yourself and take a break from the hustle and bustle of our daily routines; to get recharged and gain strength for what we are called to do.

Even Jesus had "me time." He often would retreat from the crowds to hear from the Father and rest. God Himself rested on the seventh day and commands us to remember the Sabbath Day and keep it Holy. So often we look at that commandment and it is skipped over or not taken with the same weight as some of the others. The Lord wants you to rest. So, feel free to take a break from it all. You deserve it!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Take A Nap Already

One of the promises that we have from the Lord is peace. Christ is the Prince of Peace. And, wouldn't you know it. He gave us peace shoes to walk in as part of our armor in Ephesians 6. When you walk in peace, you are firm on the ground you are standing on. Nothing shakes you because it is peace that plants you.

While on the Sea of Galilee there was a storm. Waves were crashing, the wind howling and the disciples were afraid. They were worried; thinking they were going to die. This is how we can be when things get rocky in our life. Bills are not getting paid, your children are in rebellion, your boss has become Satan (so you think,) people are slandering your character and illness may be plaguing you or people you care about. Then you turn on the television and see leaders falling, entertainers in rehab, politicians arguing and a natural disaster somewhere in the world. The waves of society are crashing and the winds of hope have turned to fear. And, many have no peace.

But, the Lord, where was He? He was asleep! He wasn't justing resting with his eyes closed. The Bible tells us that he had to be woken up. So, He was sleep, sleep. After the disciples wake Him, He asks them why they are afraid. Then in Savior fashion he commands the winds and the waves to be still and they do.

C'mon church!! If you claim Christ, then Peace is on your boat right now! We have nothing to worry, fear or be anxious about. The Bible teaches that we do not have a spirit of fear, but of power, love and a sound mind. Instead of feeding ourselves with worry, we need to feed ourselves the Word. If you have storms raging around you remember there is a Savior who has endowed you with Peace and a God who strongly looks at your situation and proclaims, "I got this." So, join Christ in his example and take a nap.

Monday, November 8, 2010

My Stupid Flesh

Everyone who knows me well, knows that I like to sit in the front row at church. I want to be upfront when it comes to being fed the word of God. Not because I am super spiritual and have it all together; but, because I am totally weak. I have to work hard to pay attention. My flesh is always trying to rise up and cause me to loose out on a blessing.

For example, I was at the Joyce Meyer conference in Houston this past weekend. If you read my blog yesterday you know that I was sitting in the fourth row from the stage. Read yesterday's blog to find out how that all happened. But, anyway... my friends and I find our seats, have an awesome time worshipping and watch a heart felt video on how the Lord is using Mama Joyce to feed poor, hungry children. Well, after the video clip, my mind wandered. I turned to my friend Amy and said, "I am sooo excited about getting dessert after this. I already know what I want." We both laughed at how utterly sad that statement was and the sister she is, helped me get my mind back on the Word.

As you know. The flesh doesn't quit. It just does not turn off. So, during the last session I was getting tired while sitting in the second row. You know; droopy-eyed, sleepy tired. I had to fight. Understand, I could see the color of Mama Joyce's eyeshadow. She would definately see me unalert. In addition, I don't put it past her to point it out... on international television. Oooo, I was praayyiiing, "Help me Lord. Keep me alert. Don't let me get tired up here in the front row." The Lord asked, "So, if you were in the back row, it would be okay?"

Sad. My flesh was just not cooperating with my spirit man,  at all. I had to really fight to subdue it and focus so I could hear what the spirit of the Lord was saying through the vessel, Joyce Meyer. The devil is real but, your flesh is always present. It works all by itself. A lot of sin we fall into is because we have not learned to crucify the flesh and let the spirit rule over it.

So, we need to make decisions that will help us keep it under control. We must be proactive. If sleepiness comes over you during teaching, sit next to a friend who's bold enough to help you stay awake. Or, go to bed earlier. Or, maybe it's time for you to start teaching and pouring out what you have into others. If you find that your temper is easliy flared up, stay away from topics that can have a tendency to get heated. If we use wisdom and work to overcome our flesh, the spirit man will rule. And, we will receive blessing, after blessing, after blessing.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Who's Your Daddy?

It's amazing how many christians live their lives with no expectation from the Lord.  Hypocracy among believers is noted as one of the deturrants to people coming to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ. I believe another is that many believers don't share their testimony of what Christ is doing for them today, in the present season of their life. Our salvation is not just about the rewards we receive in eternity. It also is the abundance and favor the Lord gives us on earth, now.

People want an active, present God who is interested in their every day personal life. It's like that old Janet Jackson song. Yes, Christ died for you 2000 years ago, but what has He done for you lately. I tell you. When I found out that I have an inheritance in the kingdom, am part of a royal priesthood and that our God is the One whom we call Abba (Daddy,) I started believing God for the HOOK... UP!

I know that when I drive somewhere that has a crowded parking lot, I will have a front row spot. My husband can attest to this. "What is this? How come whenever you drive, you get a front row spot?" I turned to him with a smile and said, "I'm a Princess. I get front row parking because I asked the Lord and He arranges it for me." Needless to say, whenever we go somewhere that will be crowded, especially shopping during Christ Mass, I drive.

Just this past weekend, I went to the Joyce Meyer conference where there were about 20,000 in attendance at Joel Osteen's church in Houston. When we arrived, I saw all the reserved seating and started looking for our seats just behind and around those. I look to my friend Amy who is down front and she waves for me to come. Through a friend at her church, we were given reserved seating in the fourth row. 

When those around you see and hear how the Lord is Hookin' you up in your life, they will see a God who is present, a God who is personal and a God who cares about the details. Look for and expect the Lord to do crazy things for you. He wants to. And, He will.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

The Scorpion Dance

Remember the book "There's A Wocket in My Pocket," by Dr. Seuss? Well, this is either going to totally freak you out, cause worry, bring fear or you may think it's no big deal and nothing to fear, worry or freak out about. Let me tell you. I... was freaking OUT!!

My husband, Ron and I had just gone to bed. Right before I felt myself going into a deep sleep my husband starts yelling loudly, "AHH! OWW! OW! OH OWW!!" He got out of bed shaking his hand and yelling in pain. After inquiring what happened he replies, "I think something bit me."

During the commotion my step-son, Jacob, walks in. Ron explains what happened and my mind starts going a hundred miles an hour. I start hinking about what may have bitten him and where it might be. I calmly said, "Babe, I am not going back to bed until we find what bit you." When I said, "we find," I actually meant "you find."

After investigating his hand, we found no marks or swelling. This was good but, he complained of the pain. We (well he and Jake) began the search for what it may have been. As the three of us try to rationalize what happened suddenly, Ron's face contorts into a silent scream. He points to his boxers and there on his waistband is a HUGE scorpion. He starts jumping up and down yelling, "It's still on me! It's still on me!" Jacob and I, while holding onto each other, start jumping up and down, yelling and screaming, "AAAHHHHHH!!!"

We as a family have shared this story with several family members and friends. As stated earlier some replied with sympathy or empathy. Others replied with logic, "Lisa, you're in Texas. There are scorpions here."

You know, this reminds me of how some respond to the attack of the enemy. Some completely freak out and have no idea how to combat or plug the cracks that allow him to crawl in. Others understand that attack from the enemy happens because it's the land we live in. We are in a spiritual battle.That battle is won by our choice to obey God and to walk in what is good according to Him. The Bible teaches:
  "For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places."
Ephesians 6:12

"Everyone has heard about your obedience, so I rejoice because of you; but I want you to be wise about what is good, and innocent about what is evil.The God of peace will soon crush Satan under your feet. The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you."
Romans 16:19-20 

We are told that our enemy is like a roaring lion seeking whom he may devour. The Word also teaches that he seeks to kill, still and destroy. We combat by wearing and putting to use the armor of God provided for us in Ephesians 6. The Lord gives us the ability to stand against his schemes and extinguish his fiery darts. So, the next time the enemy crawls into your space, don't jump up and down with a voice of fear or defeat. Rather, jump up and down with the voice of triumph and put him where he belongs... underneath your boot!  

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Ready or Not

One of my favorite things to do when I was in college, was to work award shows such as the Soap Opera Awards (now known as the Daytime Emmy Award Show,) The American Music Awards and the Grammy's. I was able to meet all kinds of famous people and go to their "after" parties. The comical thing was watching people try to get into the award ceremony or after party with no pass. It was hilarious and sad all at the same time.

1988, Los Angeles, California at the Shrine Auditorium; thousands are lined up to get into the American Music Awards. I am in a special line that takes performers, actresses, etc. back stage. After I walk in behind Rod Stewart, I hear a commotion behind me at the gate. There is a woman arguing with the guard that she is supposed to be on the list to get in. The guard at the gate apologized saying, "You are not on the list. There is no pass for you."

Woooo! She was hot mad. They continued to go back and forth until she took her high heel shoe off and started to hit the guard. This woman was about 5'5. The guard was around 6'3. He snatches the shoe out of her hand, she swats at him; then he puts her hand on her head and holds her at bay. And, oops. He accidentally pulls the wig off of her head. She then turns and runs screaming down the street leaving her hairdo in the guard's hand. He then looks at the line and announces, "Hey! If you do not have a pass in your hand or your name is not on the list, you cannot get in."

I wonder if this is how it's going to be at the Gates of Heaven. How many people will not have their name on the list? In the Bible, Jesus gives us the parable of the ten virgins. Five are ready and enter and the other five are not ready and locked out. Church, we need to be ready. These types of reflections inspired this poem.

Ready or Not

Ready or not
Here I come,
With more fire
Than the blazing sun.

Majestic Power,
Splendor and Might;
For my children
A glorious flight.

Ready or not
Here I come,
As Angels proclaim,
"The risen son!"

By Hosts of Heaven
The trumpets sound,
"The KING of kings!
Everyone bow!"

Ready or not
Here I come,
Looking for those
Washed in my blood,

Dead to themselves,
Filled with Me,
Living sacrifices,
Embracing eternity.

Ready or not
Here I come,
With more fire
Than the blazing sun.

Knocking on hearts
Already bought.
Asking the question,
"Are you ready, or not?"

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Sick of Sickness

My trip to India about ten years ago changed my whole perspective on healthcare programs. I saw the deaf hear, the blind see, the lame walk and the mute talk. There (among believers who are witnessing to the lost) it is a regular occurance. It's like, going to the mall or driving down the highway. They talk about healings the way we talk about going to the store to pick up groceries or one of our kids from school. It's normal; just a part of life. So, I quickly signed up for the By His Stripes package and have become a seller of it. 

My faith had been boosted in the area of the miraculous, so when I returned to the United States I began to believe for my own healing, as well as, others. I walked into my mom's house and declared, "No one in this house is getting sick!" If my mom felt like she was coming down with something I would run over to her, put my hand on her and say, "No devil! We don't receive this package. You've got the wrong address!"  

I started praying for and asking for the healing of anyone with anything as much as a sneeze. Has everyone I prayed for been healed? No. And I've had questions about healing like many of you have. "I prayed for this person and they didn't get healed, what happened Lord?" "Why did this person get healed and this one over here didn't?" and "Why did you let my aunt die when she wanted to live, was a believer and we all were praying for her healing?"

You know what? I still don't know the answers to all the questions. But I am sick of sickness and there is no way I will pass up an opportunity to command healing in a person's body in the name of Jesus. The Lord said in his word that those who believe, in His name, will lay hands on the sick and they will recover.  Hallelujah!! I have seen the Lord heal.

My prayer is that we all would realize the power that is in us. The Word says that we are more than conquerors. It also says that we have been given the power and authority of Christ. So, if Christ had power and authority to heal the sick, then we do too. It's like that first logic class some of you may have had. Remember?

Problem:   Can you heal the sick?
Given:       You have the power and authority of Christ.
Fact:          Christ's power and authority healed the sick
Answer:     Yes! You can!!

With all of the sickness around, it is an excellent way to minister Christ's love and share the gospel. Even if healing does not happen, the person being prayed for is experiencing a loving touch and partner in their desire to be well. Of all the people I have prayed for, 100% of them did not want the ailment they had. They all wanted to be well. So, here's a challenge. Pray for the sick to be well. It may be a family member, friend, work colleague, your boss, or your neighbor. At the very least, you will bring compassion to someone hurting. At the greatest... you'll see a miracle : )

Sunday, October 31, 2010

HIS Hands, HIS Feet

This entry is dedicated to the many who prayed and sent texts of encouragement while ministering on 6th street, downtown Austin. Reaching the lost is a corporate experience. When believers are working together with the gifts God has given them, the Holy Spirit moves and amazing things happen. So, Amy, Bob, Cheryl, Cindy, Gina, Larry, "Deborah" Layne, Roxanne and Seana thank you for covering us in prayer while we were out.

My husband and I, along with Glenda and John from our church, were led by the Spirit of God to pray for several people. It was an awesome time in the Lord as we watched Him minister to a believer, heal a single father's knee and bring another into His Kingdom. Watch this video documenting the prayer and response from those who received it.

After the prayer, Casey received Jesus as his personal Lord and Savior. I pray this short video encourages you to look for divine appointments in your life and to become His hands and feet. God bless you.

Saturday, October 30, 2010

My Personal GHOST

Last night my husband and I stayed at the Menger Hotel in San Antonio. It's supposed to be haunted by ghosts. Being in the hotel and seeing all the people dressed up downtown made me think of a Ghost I don't mind having around, the Holy Ghost. My reflection of His presence in my life inspired me to write this poem. I hope it blesses you.

My Personal Ghost

Because of Love,
I am haunted.
Because of love,
I see and feel Him,

Leading me, teaching me,
Putting me in the know.
Helping and Comforting;
A shelter from the cold.

Because of Love,
Each day I am haunted.
Because of love,
Each day I receive it.

Gently, kindly
Descends like a Dove.
A constant nudging;
It's never enough.

"Watch out," "Don't touch,"
"Be careful," "Come this way,"
"Look here," Go there,"
"Step out," "Don't be afraid."

Because of Love,
Each day I am haunted.
Because of love,
Each day, I strive...
.........to obey Him.

Friday, October 29, 2010

The Walking Dead

"...and the graves were opened; and many bodies of the saints who had fallen asleep were rasied; and coming out of the graves after His resurrection, they went into the holy city and appreared to many."
-Matthew 27:37

My translation: The graves opened up and dead people came out of them after the resurrection of Christ. These dead were children of God and they went into Jerusalem appearing to many.

Only these were not the walking dead so many will be dressed like this weekend. These were fully restored to life and sharing the truth of life after death. I often think of what mayhem was going on when the Roman guard had fleed the scene, Christ's body was gone and now all these supposed dead people are walking around including the Lord. The Word tells us that our Savior walked through a wall to enter a room. I wonder if the others resurrected had the same capability. What would you do if a person whose funeral you attended came strollin' up the way? Or walkin' through your wall? How would you respond to what they may have said? One thing I believe is for sure. The only fear that was being spread around the town was the fear of Almighty God.

All people know that life will come to an end. Death is a certainty. I am so thankful that I serve a God who has conquered the grave and by that, the enemy of our souls. Baptism is such a great picture of what happens for those who believe, we become dead to the old man and then risen to walk in newness of life through Christ. But it is also a prophetic picture of what literally happened with Christ and will happen with us who are sealed by God. If the Lord tarries we will meet the grave; and like Him, we will come out. Romans 6 proclaims that death no longer has dominion over us. We are alive to God.

If you are a believer reading this blog, you are a walking dead person. Inside you is the resurrection power of Christ. We are dead to sin, this world and it's waves of the society we live in. Here's a dare. Whatever party you may be going to that requires a costume, dress normal. If someone inquires about your dress, tell him/her/them with all seriousness, "This is it. I'm a dead person," and watch what happens. They may look with a serious face or laugh and respond with something like, "Come on be serious." But, if you grab the Holy Spirit and seriously explain what that means for you, the fear of the Living God will come onto their countenance. I have done this before and it is amazing!!

I tell you. Death is everywhere; on TV, movies and video games. Fear roams our nation with all the things happening in the world. But, Praise the Lord!! We can shout, "Whom shall I fear and death where is your sting?!?! With Christ I am alive. I am alive!"

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Caught by a Current

When I was around 12 years old, I found myself in a life or death situation. LITERALLY! I mean even when I look back on it, I think that my dad must have been out... of his mind. We had gone on a family road trip and stopped by a beautiful river for lunch. It was so pretty. The reflection of the sun on the water looked like shimmering diamonds. I was just looking at the water mesmorized.  I was looking and looking and then... jumped in. I just lept in the water. Well, before I knew it, there I went; down stream. FAST!! I had no thoughts, I was just screamin, "AHHHHHH!!!"

Then I saw my dad running down the bank. For a moment I was relieved because my dad at the time (he is retired now) was a Los Angeles County Lifeguard. You know; like Baywatch. And, I thought, "He's gonna save me. He's gonna save me." At that moment, I was coming to some rocks and somehow managed to grab on to a gigantic rock that I could hold onto. I was like, okay now all I have to do is wait here until my dad comes and gets me. Wrong. Instead he starts talking to me and telling me to come to him. I yelled back, "No! I'm gonna drown, daddy! Come get me!"

He tells me to swim to him. What do I do? I pushed off the rock and tried to swim up stream. Of course I just ended up back on the rock. This happened several times. Finally, holding onto the rock, I look straight into my dad's eyes with fire and brimstone radiating toward him. I was tired, cold and now thinking my dad didn't love me. He knelt down on the bank and said, "Listen to me. You have to trust me. Swim to me and no matter what you feel stay in that direction. Just swim to me."

I did. I swam toward the bank, even though I could feel the tow of the water pulling me down stream. I ended up about 50 more feet down stream but made it to the bank where my dad was waiting for me with his arms open. Ooooo I was mad, Mad, MAD... and hurt! We walked back to our picnic area and he gave me a sandwich. Then he sat next to me and explained that I was carried away by an under water current that I couldn't see. Then he gave me a big hug and said, "In my presence, I will never let you drown."

This same scenario has played out many times in my life. I have been deceived by the appearances of things with no idea of the ugly current present to take me to death. Then I would grab onto the Rock and cry out to God, "Save me! Save me!" Hallellujah!  Everytime I was back in his arms and He never.. ever... has let me drown.

There are lots of under currents in the streams of life that take us away with intent to kill. Two things puts us in harms way. The art of deception and being removed from the Lord's presence. Christ warns regarding the signs of His coming to see that no one deceives us. We need to be vigilant at keeping our eyes wide open; making sure we do not fall prey to the wimbs of the world. Proverbs advises that we surround ourselves with wise counsel. The Psalms are filled with scriptures about the protection of the Lord's presence. These things are important because of the times we live in. An earthquake, a suname and a volcano on the same nation, in one day. I am not an eschotologist (studier of end time events.) However, I think we are pretty close. If we help each other from jumping into dangerous currents and stay in God's presence, we will be safe. Our oil lamps will stay full. But, if somehow an under water current has captured you. Cry out and run back to the Lord. And, before you know it you will be dining with Him at His table and hearing Him say, "In my Presence, I will never let you drown."

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

HE is There

Not too long ago, the Lord opened a door for me to serve Him by ministering to the youth in Israel. I was with many people from different parts of the world sharing the gospel on the Mediterranean Sea at a New Age Festival. This festival was a 24/7 party for two weeks. This is a side note, but paganism is still practiced today and growing. I can't even write some of the things that I witnessed there. It was heart breaking. Anyway, one of the strategies we used to attract people was the use of Israeli dance to Messianic Praise and Worship music.

We were able to talk to people and worship the Lord declaring who He is in the midst of the work of the enemy. It was a wonderful time ministering and sharing the good news of the Gospel of peace. There were times I thought, "Lord, this place is filled with everything you tell us not to practice in Your word. How can they, Your chosen people, do this? Are you even here?"

After a day, I really wanted to go to the water and worship on the sand at sunset. On the last day, three people came with me. I was really disappointed because it was overcast and I wanted the sun to be shining and it wasn't. But, we went down anyway to worship the Lord. As we danced, an onlooker took some pictures and when we were done she showed me this stunning photo.

The Lord spoke to me through this photo. He said, "I'm here."

 It was a powerful lesson for me. God called us to be salt and light to a lost and dark world. In the different places He has put us (a job, school, relationships or missions trip) we are called to proclaim His name and worship Him. That is all we have to do and He will be there. The exciting thing is that when we are obedient to the call of Matthew 28:19, He does all the work. He is the One seen and receives all the Glory. We become the backdrop for His brilliancy. 

Dirt was plowed, seeds were planted and we were blessed to see the fruit of salvation. So, now, whenever I find myself near those that many in the church would stay clear of, I practice the truth of an old Sunday School song. "This little gospel light of mine, I'm going to let it shine, let it shine, all the time." So, wherever you are, let your light shine. And know that He's there. Right there; plowing the dirt, planting seeds and reaping the Harvest He paid for on Calvary.