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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Take A Nap Already

One of the promises that we have from the Lord is peace. Christ is the Prince of Peace. And, wouldn't you know it. He gave us peace shoes to walk in as part of our armor in Ephesians 6. When you walk in peace, you are firm on the ground you are standing on. Nothing shakes you because it is peace that plants you.

While on the Sea of Galilee there was a storm. Waves were crashing, the wind howling and the disciples were afraid. They were worried; thinking they were going to die. This is how we can be when things get rocky in our life. Bills are not getting paid, your children are in rebellion, your boss has become Satan (so you think,) people are slandering your character and illness may be plaguing you or people you care about. Then you turn on the television and see leaders falling, entertainers in rehab, politicians arguing and a natural disaster somewhere in the world. The waves of society are crashing and the winds of hope have turned to fear. And, many have no peace.

But, the Lord, where was He? He was asleep! He wasn't justing resting with his eyes closed. The Bible tells us that he had to be woken up. So, He was sleep, sleep. After the disciples wake Him, He asks them why they are afraid. Then in Savior fashion he commands the winds and the waves to be still and they do.

C'mon church!! If you claim Christ, then Peace is on your boat right now! We have nothing to worry, fear or be anxious about. The Bible teaches that we do not have a spirit of fear, but of power, love and a sound mind. Instead of feeding ourselves with worry, we need to feed ourselves the Word. If you have storms raging around you remember there is a Savior who has endowed you with Peace and a God who strongly looks at your situation and proclaims, "I got this." So, join Christ in his example and take a nap.

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