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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

The Terrible Two's

"NO!!" "Mine!" "Iiii dooo it!" "Myself!" These are the words of the two-year-old. I have and will listen to those words frequently due to my tent making skill (he who has ears...) Anyway, at this stage of life the child is fighting for their independence and building a foundation for their autonomy and positive self-esteem. So, all they see is theirself. Sharing? Very difficult for the two-year-old. They also do not like change in their life. Any kind of change. For example, if dad is the parent who usually drops a child off and then one day, (without warning) mom does it, temper tantrums can happen. They love to touch everything even if it is not theirs. That's because they believe that everything they see belongs to them. At this age many have a "my-way-or-the-highway" mentality. That's because they scream, "Hey! It's AAAALLL About ME!"

Let's cut to the chase. How old are you.... in the spirit? Me? Well, I believe the Lord has me in this profession just to point out when I'm acting like a two-year-old. When I don't get "my" way the prayer always starts, "What about me, Lord?" My goodness! All this I want, I want, I want... me,me,me,me. I am sure to the Lord I sound like a vocalist warming up sometimes, "Me,me,me,meeee!"

Oooo Lord.. should I go there? Yes, I will. The two-year-old will also manifest him/herself when the person leaves the church because the carpet got changed to a color he/she didn't like. Or, when the pastor runs out the front door and does not give the time he/she expected. Or, when they don't get called to use their gift or talent at the time they believe it should happen. Or, someone keeps sittin' in their seat! C'mon now. Ya'll know what I'm saying is true. Lord, how is the army of God functioning with all these two-year-olds leaving their post?

It's time to stop whining and complaining everytime something does not go our way. We are supposed to be christians. That means our way, is His way; and if it's His way, our way would happen. So... grow... up. Let's get off the milk, eat some meat, submit to the pastor's leadership and find God's assignment for us, where we are at. And, when the Lord returns and the Victory is ours we will be able to scream, "Hey! It's AAAALL About You Lord! It's ALL ABOUT YOU!"

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