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Thursday, November 18, 2010

LORD!! My Husband is Trippin'!

Marriage? One word. WOOOOOOOWWWWAH!  It's weird. I can't really explain it. I can say that it is so many things at the same time. It's definately not like any other relationship on the planet. It's just.... wow.

Please, understand. My husband and I love, respect and support each other. We have a wonderful marriage. He's like milk and I'm cereal. We just go together. But, every once in awhile he's oil and I'm water. For example..........

My husband decided to bring a 15-20 year old washer into our marriage. Within the year, it wasn't working properly. So, I went to my blue-eyed prince (for those of you who don't know, my husband is white - another message for another day) and explained that we needed a new washer. He disagrees.
I get my workout clothes on for a prayer walk. Well, actually, a 'complain-to-the-Lord' walk. "Seriously!!? Lord! Do something. You need to speak to your son. We need a new washer! What is wrong with him anyway? I am so sure. It's old and not working."

Walking down the street I proabably looked like a crazy person. I was talking out loud, waving my arms, pointing up to the sky and being upset. But, Hallelujah! The next week, the washer.... broke. After doing a dance and giving a silent high five to heaven, I composed myself so I wouldn't look too excited. With a puzzled expression and extremely calm voice I said, "Babe, the washer broke. I don't know what's wrong with it." After looking at it himself, he takes out the credit card and says, "Call the repairman."

Biting my lip, I take the card, make the call and then run upstairs to put on my workout clothes. I could have been one of those Olympic speed walkers on that day. I was STEAM - MING! At first, all I could say through gritted teeth was, "Jesus, Jesus. Help me Jesus. Help me Lord." Then I went into complaining. I could not believe it.

The repairman came and we get a high quote. I asked if we could just go look at a new washer because it may be cheaper to buy a new one. We do and find a deal for a new washer and dryer set that was less than the repair work. I was HAAPPYYY!!! My smile was like a Dentyne commercial... TING! While writing the check, my husband started shaking his head and said, "You prayed for this to happen, didn't you?" I was like, "Noooo. I didn't ask Him to break our washer. I just asked for a new one. heeheehee : )"

Hey, this is sooo cool. It will end a lot of wasted time in arguing. When you disagree with someone in authority over you, just take it to the Lord. He will either change your heart or theirs. It's that simple. No stress, no yelling, no worries. Just take it to Throne and the God of the Universe will work it out.

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