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Monday, November 8, 2010

My Stupid Flesh

Everyone who knows me well, knows that I like to sit in the front row at church. I want to be upfront when it comes to being fed the word of God. Not because I am super spiritual and have it all together; but, because I am totally weak. I have to work hard to pay attention. My flesh is always trying to rise up and cause me to loose out on a blessing.

For example, I was at the Joyce Meyer conference in Houston this past weekend. If you read my blog yesterday you know that I was sitting in the fourth row from the stage. Read yesterday's blog to find out how that all happened. But, anyway... my friends and I find our seats, have an awesome time worshipping and watch a heart felt video on how the Lord is using Mama Joyce to feed poor, hungry children. Well, after the video clip, my mind wandered. I turned to my friend Amy and said, "I am sooo excited about getting dessert after this. I already know what I want." We both laughed at how utterly sad that statement was and the sister she is, helped me get my mind back on the Word.

As you know. The flesh doesn't quit. It just does not turn off. So, during the last session I was getting tired while sitting in the second row. You know; droopy-eyed, sleepy tired. I had to fight. Understand, I could see the color of Mama Joyce's eyeshadow. She would definately see me unalert. In addition, I don't put it past her to point it out... on international television. Oooo, I was praayyiiing, "Help me Lord. Keep me alert. Don't let me get tired up here in the front row." The Lord asked, "So, if you were in the back row, it would be okay?"

Sad. My flesh was just not cooperating with my spirit man,  at all. I had to really fight to subdue it and focus so I could hear what the spirit of the Lord was saying through the vessel, Joyce Meyer. The devil is real but, your flesh is always present. It works all by itself. A lot of sin we fall into is because we have not learned to crucify the flesh and let the spirit rule over it.

So, we need to make decisions that will help us keep it under control. We must be proactive. If sleepiness comes over you during teaching, sit next to a friend who's bold enough to help you stay awake. Or, go to bed earlier. Or, maybe it's time for you to start teaching and pouring out what you have into others. If you find that your temper is easliy flared up, stay away from topics that can have a tendency to get heated. If we use wisdom and work to overcome our flesh, the spirit man will rule. And, we will receive blessing, after blessing, after blessing.

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  1. HA!! But girlllllllll, that dessert was good! :) I had a blast with ya'll! Our next trip...hummmm... FRANCE!