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Monday, November 22, 2010

Guardian Angels: A True Story

One night, in India, the order of the evening was to shoot my teammates and I on sight. This news was brought to us as a warning to cancel the meeting. The government was aware of where we would be and what we were doing. Understand, sharing the gospel in an open field is against the law and punishable by immediate death. No trial, no judge, no jury.

This threat did not waver our plans. We went. The whole way we laughed and were happy that the Lord chose us to be martyrd. We worshipped and sang in Tamil to our God. However, in the back of my mind I had thoughts and questions no one likes to think about. The laughter and joy ended when our eyes landed on soldiers and their big guns once we arrived. Well, it was too late. We were there. My life was flashing before my eyes as I was repenting and forgiving in prayer. I wanted to be ready before I met the Lord. And, all of this was cloaked with extreme fear. 

To our surprise the military stayed and walked around, but no harm came to us. The night was awesome! There were healings, miracles and people came to a saving knowledge of Christ. Then we went back to the hotel and thought how cool it was to have crowd control and that the person who sent the warning was just trying to trick us.

A knock on the door during our debrief was the end to that belief. Long story short, one of the soldiers came to our hotel weeping and sobbing uncontrollably. He spoke to our leader privately in his native tongue, "Help me!! Help me!!! I need what you have! We were there to kill you, but the giants wouldn't let us! Help me!! What were those things surrounding you?!!!"

The dialogue between our leader and the soldier was explained to us after it took place downstairs. I was like, "Giants! What giants? I didn't see any!" The Lord opened the spiritual world to the eyes of those who  needed to see... our guardian angels.

Wherever you go, the Lord has flanked you with His secret service. Nothing can happen to you that is not part of His just and perfect plan. We have nothing to fear when it comes to our well being. When we are making wise choices in the plan God has for us, no one's plan to take you out will be successful. And, Isaiah 54:17 is made manifest in our lives: " No weapon formed against you shall prosper."  Believe it. Receive it.

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