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Sunday, November 7, 2010

Who's Your Daddy?

It's amazing how many christians live their lives with no expectation from the Lord.  Hypocracy among believers is noted as one of the deturrants to people coming to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ. I believe another is that many believers don't share their testimony of what Christ is doing for them today, in the present season of their life. Our salvation is not just about the rewards we receive in eternity. It also is the abundance and favor the Lord gives us on earth, now.

People want an active, present God who is interested in their every day personal life. It's like that old Janet Jackson song. Yes, Christ died for you 2000 years ago, but what has He done for you lately. I tell you. When I found out that I have an inheritance in the kingdom, am part of a royal priesthood and that our God is the One whom we call Abba (Daddy,) I started believing God for the HOOK... UP!

I know that when I drive somewhere that has a crowded parking lot, I will have a front row spot. My husband can attest to this. "What is this? How come whenever you drive, you get a front row spot?" I turned to him with a smile and said, "I'm a Princess. I get front row parking because I asked the Lord and He arranges it for me." Needless to say, whenever we go somewhere that will be crowded, especially shopping during Christ Mass, I drive.

Just this past weekend, I went to the Joyce Meyer conference where there were about 20,000 in attendance at Joel Osteen's church in Houston. When we arrived, I saw all the reserved seating and started looking for our seats just behind and around those. I look to my friend Amy who is down front and she waves for me to come. Through a friend at her church, we were given reserved seating in the fourth row. 

When those around you see and hear how the Lord is Hookin' you up in your life, they will see a God who is present, a God who is personal and a God who cares about the details. Look for and expect the Lord to do crazy things for you. He wants to. And, He will.

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  1. I just talked with a non-beliver in my family who once was baptized. I asked her, why did you decide to not follow Christ after you decided to follow Him? She said, "Because all the Christians I knew were hypocrites." So, yes, girl... that is a HUGE deterrent. We need to live out the abundant life where ever He calls us... on the main street, wall street, and every where in between!