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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

What's Your Brand?

Labels are everywhere. They are on our clothes, shoes, cars, furniture, home decor, computers and phones. Levi's, Lucky Jeans, Chanel, Versace, Ann Taylor, Samsung, Iphone, Christian Dior, Mary Kay, Clinique, Lamcone, Mercedes, BMW, Toyota, Nissan, Droid, Toshiba, Dell, Fascinate, Llardro, Lennox, Gucci, Coach, Fruit of the Loom and Spanx!

Outside of the labels on things, we are labeled. We get labeled according to what we own, our faith, choice of career and/or our hobbies. Our experiences, heartaches, hurts and pain label us as well. The labels people have for us will either make us leap for joy or cry. It's interesting, though, how fascinated we are with and stuck on labels that will pass away. And, maybe in our lifetime. I remember when Jordache Jeans were the label to have on your butt. Now, it's Lucky. These labels are fleeting and will contiually change with time. But there is one that won't.

We, as believers, have another label. It is smack dead in the middle of your forehead. A spiritual tattoo put there God. And, it is eternal. The Bible teaches in Leviticus that the priests were to have a plate on their head piece labeled, Holiness to the Lord. Throughout the Bible before judgement or calamity, the Lord would send forth His angel to mark the saints. This mark would protect them from whatever harm was coming to the land.

We were bought with the blood of Christ, sealed into salvation and branded as His. This is the label we need to share and boast about. It is the label that supercedes all the others. It makes you rich, gives you an inheritance, a purpose and destiny. It erases labels that don't line up with the identity given to you through Christ. You are not forsaken, but redeemed. You are no longer a whore, but a princess. You are no longer a liar, but bearer of truth. You are no longer a slave to anything. You... are... Free! So, the next time someone asks what brand you have, take off your hat or lift up your bangs, point to your forehead and say, "I am redeemed, protected, never rejected, provided for and loved. I am saved and free. My brand, my mark is clear. I am His."

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