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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Yeah!! It's Christmas Time

Caroling, Christmas musicals at schools, Christmas pageants of Christ birth at churches, Santas in malls, party after party and lights, lights, lights everywhere! I love it!! It's my favorite season. What is amazing to me is that there are sooo many people who claim that America is no longer a "christian" nation, but it seems the majority take part in Christmas.

Think about it. Most retail businesses are in the red (meaning having no profit) on Thanksgiving Day. The next day and thru Dec. 31, these businesses go into the black (meaning having profit.) Shopping is at an all time high the end of the year. You can argue that people are just buying, no connection to Christmas at all. But, no... not buying that arguement. I heard from a sister in the Lord, today, that there was a group singing the Hallelujah Chorus in a Macy's store. Many watching joined in. At the end of the song everyone burst out with a huge, "HALLELUJAH!"

So, what is this with the statistics of America entering a post christian era and all these people buying Christmas gifts, Christmas decorations, Christmas trees and attending some type of christian church service? Well, I don't know. Maybe for many it has become cultural; a habit, just something we're supposed to do. But, when I came across a retailer who, in a corrective manner, responded, "Happy Holidays," to my "Merry Christmas," I stated, "No, Sir! Merry Christmas. Don't you recognize that if Jesus wasn't born, you'd still be in the red. So you better get your Praise on and thank God for having the forsight to bring you blessing in your business."

I have gained understanding that Christmas was created as an alternative to pagan festivities. This is similar to churches offering Harvest Fun as an alternative to Halloween. However that may be, my family chooses Jesus as the reason for the season. We celebrate His birth and reflect on the great gift of His life given to and up for us. He is the Savior, our Lord, Redeemer and Prince of Peace. So, as for me and house.. we will celebrate the Lord!

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