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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

A Confession

Many years ago, a Pastor told the congragation that he wasn't preaching the message to them, but he was preaching to himself. Well, this blog is an example of that. I hope you are encouraged, but I am basically preaching to myself. So, pray for me.

I don't have too much of a problem when I get hurt by others. But, when my family or friends come under fire I am Rea-DY to FIGHT! Today, I got a call from my mom about a family situation that has been long standing and really gets my goat. Basically, there is someone that is in the life of a relative that is just Oooo! Just... OH! He is not right. He is just not right. My flesh rises up like dough with an overload of yeast in the oven whenever the subject comes up. Ya'll may not believe me, but I wished from my heart that the Lord would take him out. I told the Lord, "There is no way I am spending an eternity with that guy. So, take him out now before he gets saved."

Hate, anger and bitterness entered my heart; and it weighed me down. My peace and joy were gone. I could barely sleep at night. In the Lord's way, He let me know I needed to forgive this person. With my husband sitting next to me, I pounded my fist on my lap and through gritted teeth said, "No Lord! I will not forgive him!"

It has been years and I still have to lift this person up and forgive. Again, lift this person up and forgive. Forgive again, and again, and again, and again. It is a struggle. Forgiveness is hard when you feel the person is undeserving. But who am I? Without Christ, I am the same as this guy. With Christ, I have the ability to walk in peace despite what the enemy is doing to and through this guy. With Christ, I have the power to refrain from allowing his actions to dictate mine.  With Christ, I am able to forgive.

God is good. When I began this process by taking a step in faith to forgive through prayer, a weight lifted and I was able to sleep again. My peace and joy returned. I don't know how. I just know that it worked. And, once again, the Lord has proven that His Word works, EVERY.... Time!

Are you having a hard time forgiving? Sister... Brother... Believe me. I... FEEL.. You. But, let's pray for each other. Let's grab the hand of the One who is the Master of Forgiveness and ask for his help. There is no doubt in mind. He will.

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