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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Celebrating You! 805 Pageviews

Thank you all for staying tuned in and reading my blog. At 34 postings the blog has had 805 pageviews. Thank you so much for your support. A special shout out to my readers in Canada, France, Italy, Croatia and Iraq. A special, special thank you to my friend Svenja, in Germany.

As a teacher and trainer I have learned that it is important for people to read what they are interested in. So, let me hear from you. What would you like to read about regarding the Christian faith? Are there any questions you have or scriptures in the Word that make you go, "Hmmmm... not sure about this?"

In addition, do you need someone to pray alongside you regarding anything. I will join you in prayer and send you scripture that lines up with your current situation. I believe that we should pray without ceasing as Paul teaches and that we should remember each other in prayer.

So, if you have a topic you would like discussed, a question about scripture answered or a prayer request, send me an email. My address is in the column to your right. God Bless You All!! Send me your subjects and prayer requests.
In His Grip,

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  1. Congratulations! Keep it coming! May God Bless this ministry of His.