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In His Grip,
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Saturday, October 30, 2010

My Personal GHOST

Last night my husband and I stayed at the Menger Hotel in San Antonio. It's supposed to be haunted by ghosts. Being in the hotel and seeing all the people dressed up downtown made me think of a Ghost I don't mind having around, the Holy Ghost. My reflection of His presence in my life inspired me to write this poem. I hope it blesses you.

My Personal Ghost

Because of Love,
I am haunted.
Because of love,
I see and feel Him,

Leading me, teaching me,
Putting me in the know.
Helping and Comforting;
A shelter from the cold.

Because of Love,
Each day I am haunted.
Because of love,
Each day I receive it.

Gently, kindly
Descends like a Dove.
A constant nudging;
It's never enough.

"Watch out," "Don't touch,"
"Be careful," "Come this way,"
"Look here," Go there,"
"Step out," "Don't be afraid."

Because of Love,
Each day I am haunted.
Because of love,
Each day, I strive...
.........to obey Him.

1 comment:

  1. That's beautiful Lisa and what a way to put a spin on hauntings. Keep it up! And thanks for your word to me the other night. I know that I've been blessed to see way beyond what most people do and to bring those visions and truths to peoples hearts through touch, song or other. I'm learning and need to be more disciplined to get me where I'm suppose to be with it. Wonder if I'd have been a medicine woman in the Indian tribes??? :)