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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Caught by a Current

When I was around 12 years old, I found myself in a life or death situation. LITERALLY! I mean even when I look back on it, I think that my dad must have been out... of his mind. We had gone on a family road trip and stopped by a beautiful river for lunch. It was so pretty. The reflection of the sun on the water looked like shimmering diamonds. I was just looking at the water mesmorized.  I was looking and looking and then... jumped in. I just lept in the water. Well, before I knew it, there I went; down stream. FAST!! I had no thoughts, I was just screamin, "AHHHHHH!!!"

Then I saw my dad running down the bank. For a moment I was relieved because my dad at the time (he is retired now) was a Los Angeles County Lifeguard. You know; like Baywatch. And, I thought, "He's gonna save me. He's gonna save me." At that moment, I was coming to some rocks and somehow managed to grab on to a gigantic rock that I could hold onto. I was like, okay now all I have to do is wait here until my dad comes and gets me. Wrong. Instead he starts talking to me and telling me to come to him. I yelled back, "No! I'm gonna drown, daddy! Come get me!"

He tells me to swim to him. What do I do? I pushed off the rock and tried to swim up stream. Of course I just ended up back on the rock. This happened several times. Finally, holding onto the rock, I look straight into my dad's eyes with fire and brimstone radiating toward him. I was tired, cold and now thinking my dad didn't love me. He knelt down on the bank and said, "Listen to me. You have to trust me. Swim to me and no matter what you feel stay in that direction. Just swim to me."

I did. I swam toward the bank, even though I could feel the tow of the water pulling me down stream. I ended up about 50 more feet down stream but made it to the bank where my dad was waiting for me with his arms open. Ooooo I was mad, Mad, MAD... and hurt! We walked back to our picnic area and he gave me a sandwich. Then he sat next to me and explained that I was carried away by an under water current that I couldn't see. Then he gave me a big hug and said, "In my presence, I will never let you drown."

This same scenario has played out many times in my life. I have been deceived by the appearances of things with no idea of the ugly current present to take me to death. Then I would grab onto the Rock and cry out to God, "Save me! Save me!" Hallellujah!  Everytime I was back in his arms and He never.. ever... has let me drown.

There are lots of under currents in the streams of life that take us away with intent to kill. Two things puts us in harms way. The art of deception and being removed from the Lord's presence. Christ warns regarding the signs of His coming to see that no one deceives us. We need to be vigilant at keeping our eyes wide open; making sure we do not fall prey to the wimbs of the world. Proverbs advises that we surround ourselves with wise counsel. The Psalms are filled with scriptures about the protection of the Lord's presence. These things are important because of the times we live in. An earthquake, a suname and a volcano on the same nation, in one day. I am not an eschotologist (studier of end time events.) However, I think we are pretty close. If we help each other from jumping into dangerous currents and stay in God's presence, we will be safe. Our oil lamps will stay full. But, if somehow an under water current has captured you. Cry out and run back to the Lord. And, before you know it you will be dining with Him at His table and hearing Him say, "In my Presence, I will never let you drown."

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