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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Patience for Patience

     I am so blessed by my women's bible study. We had a great time in the Lord this evening. Sharing with you one of our short discussions, I believe will bless you as well. Gideon was addressed as a valiant warrior by the Angel of the Lord. Even after this great visitation Gideon experienced fear and doubt in what the Lord called him to do. The assignment? Destroy an army of 135,000 with only 300 men. Through his ups and downs, he ended up; and the Lord provided the victory as promised. 
     Just like Gideon, God favors of us with His patience. God is so great and good. We experience His patience when we are saved, as He changes and transforms us, and as He calls us into His purpose for His glory. Our focus, after the wonderful teaching by Priscilla Shirer, was transformation. We listened to testimonies of what they were formerly and how the Lord changed and transformed their lives. Freedom was in the room. It was awesome and encouraging to hear about the chains broken off my sisters in Christ and the freedom they are are walking in today.
     Prior to this time of sharing, the Lord pressed upon my heart to point out that He cleans and guts the fish caught. Just as God had a specific time and place to bring the conviction of the Holy Spirit regarding a habit or character issue that needed changing in our individual life, the same is true for everyone else. The patience that God extends to us, we should seek to extend to others.
     We don't know where a person is in their transformation by the hands of the Lord. He molds each of us. What He removed from us at the beginning of our born again experience, may be removed in another's in the middle or at the end of their journey. We must be careful and led by the Holy Spirit with correction. Give grace. Show compassion. Listen and speak with wisdom. And always come in the spirit of love.

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