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Thursday, May 16, 2013

For the Mama's and the Papa's

     One of the craziest chores I had as a child was cleaning the base boards in our home. My mom had a particular way that she wanted it done. And, you know, they just had to be white, well egg shell. Anyway, my sisters and I had regular chores we did each Saturday morning and then additional ones assigned by my mom every once in awhile. Whenever it came time to clean the base boards I would do it with all kinds of questions on my mind. Yet, the two prominent were one, why can't Hattie (our house keeper) do it? And two, who cares?!! Like who comes to a home and looks at the base boards?
     There were other tedious chores I had that as a child and young person I did not appreciate as I do now. I learned so many lessons regarding my chores and household responsibilities. One lesson I take with it is connected to the following verse:

     "And if you have not been faithful in what is another man's, who will give you what is your own." - Luke 16:12

     I can testify to being a faithful servant to those in authority over me and reaping the reward of following the Lord's advice. Unfortunately, I have witnessed, first hand, many people crippled by not following the instruction of Christ. Often times I see that it is poor, gutless parenting that causes their own children to miss out on being put over much and having their own. 
     It amazes me how many children run their parents and their household and the parent walks around with their tail between their legs because they don't want to discipline their sons and daughters. This lack of leadership can lead to the demise of their children and grandchildren.True, some children are resilient and without the leadership of the parents find that leadership in others or due to their God-given gift of self-discipline are able to find somewhere to be faithful. However, that is a small number of the population.
     No one likes to bring a strong consequence to a child or cause tears as result of not yielding to their wants. I tell you the truth, the tears a parent hears as a result of discipline and instruction will wane in comparison to the tears shed by the parent when the child grows into an adult they worry about leaving at death because the child can't care for themselves or anything that comes into their hands. In order for all of us to grow in anything we must be faithful in the little first. This is a spiritual law. There is no way around it. 
      But God is good! He is so great! If you are one who has not had discipline, leadership in your home that refused to make you to submit to anything or reneged on promised consequences, it is not too late. Throw yourself before the mercy seat of Heaven and ask God Almighty to father you, to raise you up in His way. He is faithful and will make sure that under His wind and instruction you will grow and live the life He has written out for you to live. The way may be long and challenging at times but, it comes with great reward!
     Having parents is the training ground for submitting to the authority of God and taking care of what is His, which is everything. If you are a parent of young ones, give them responsibility in your home. Make them do their own homework. Do not allow them to degrade, dishonor or disrespect their teachers in word or deed. And, like me, your child will be grateful for the lessons learned while at home, because in their heart he or she will know it has prepared them for their journey to their eternal Home - Heaven. And, ready to receive the 'much' in store for them while on earth.

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