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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Blown Cover

     Recently, I was at a Reasons to Believe meeting. Reasons to Believe is a national ministry that focuses on sharing scientific research, theory and evidence that points to the fact that God exists. My husband and I are members of our local chapter and enjoy coming together with doctor's of science to hear how their research and the research of others points to God.
     As we are taking our seat a man comes in and sits next to us. He is a tall white guy; looks to be in his 30's. His jeans are kind of worn and his t-shirt is sloppy. His hair looks greasy. It could have been gel, but it was a toss up. In addition, his skin was clammy. He wasn't sweating like a pig but, he had the glow of funk - know what I mean? Anyway, he did not look like he belonged to the group. To me he looked as if he could possibly be homeless or in a bad way financially/economically.
     The lesson taught by an astrophysicist ended and our chapter president gets up and shares his excitement for the speaker for the next meeting. He goes on and on about this awesome doctor of genetics that is going to discuss DNA and how it relates to humans being created versus evolved. He goes on to say how happy he is that the scientist is present and asks the person to stand. At that moment, the guy I thought might be homeless stands up.
     At that precise moment I was embarrassed of my false perception while hearing my mother's words in my head simultaneously, "Never judge a book by it's cover." Can you say, conviction? Even though I never said what my my thoughts were I was ashamed and regretted my thinking.
     Has anyone had this experience? Or have you looked at someone and made a definite decision about who they are, what they are about etc? Or maybe there is someone in your midst that you just don't understand. They don't fit in your box of expectations. They're a weirdo. Come on. I'm just bein' real. 
    Newsflash. The cover is a set up. The cover tests the person with it and others. What you see does not reveal the heart and we know from God's word that only He knows the heart of a man. Our vision is so narrow, especially when it comes to others. 
     Join with me in praying for those we don't understand. Pray that God will bless them, speak to them and bring them into their destiny. Pray that the Lord would release anointing over their gifts and that they would shine brightly bringing glory to His name. Pray that the Holy Spirit will be there to guide the person and God would protect the person. Ask God to give you His heart for the person.
     When we begin to pray for those that have  a crazy cover and invest in the pages written on the heart by God through prayer, the cover won't matter anymore because in the process our heart will be changed. We will begin to see people as Jesus sees them. Their cover will be blown and we will get to see and maybe experience who they really are.

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