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Thursday, May 30, 2013

Dad is Coming to Town

     My dad is coming to town sometime in June. I am sooo excited to see him. However, while out of his reach of discipline and accountability I have wavered in the way he has taught me to care for my physical health. Living in the south with all the great southern, big, greasy food has given much assistance in my decline of healthy living. Knowing he will arrive at the end of June, I have been diligent in getting back into shape. Sadly, this has been a cycle in my life since I left home for college.
     While reflecting on this it had me thinking about the Parable of the Ten Virgins in the bible. This parable told by Jesus tells how ten virgins fell asleep. When it was time for the bridegroom to return they all awoke. Five had enough oil to keep their lights trimmed and the other five did not. Those without had to go find some because the five who had did not have enough to share. While the five went to find some oil, the bridegroom arrived. Begging to be let in the bridegroom basically told them it was too late and they were not allowed in.
     Like my habit with my earthly father I fall asleep and get lazy with healthy habits. When I see the time is near for him to come I am thankful for the oil to get me into shape to receive him. I am ready for our time together. I am able to show that I have not forsaken, totally, what he has taught me and that I can apply it to my life. 
     My goal this time is to stay ready. I shouldn't have to drop 30 pounds every time my dad is coming on the scene. I should be able to maintain the lessons he and my mother have taught me. Discipline needs to be constant. My mind should stay sober and physically focused in taking care of myself. 
    Likewise, we as believers need to stay sober and alert, ready to receive Christ when he returns. We should be able to show that we have held to the life lessons of His word and be an example of His teaching. The back and forth and turn taking from the broad to the narrow; back to the broad and then, to the narrow; is  not what the Lord rightfully deserves from us. We should embark to do more. Let's encourage each other to stay sober. To be diligent, to stay awake; walking consistently in what the Lord has taught in His word. Then we will be ready to receive Him and enter into all He has prepared for us. 

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