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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Drama... For Real

     Drama! Drama, drama, drama. Just watched a movie about a guy who was conspired against by men who were jealous of him. This guy, who was good and was the favorite of his leader, fell into his enemies trap. During the night of the good guy's execution the leader used his authority to try to stop it. Miraculously, the execution did not take place. However, those who conspired against the leader's favorite were met with the punishment they planned for him at the command of the leader.
     King Cyrus said, "Throw them into the lion's den."
     I don't remember my Sunday School lessons of Daniel and the Lion's Den, The Flood and Noah's Ark, Samson and Delilah and The Parting of the Red Sea so horrific, final. Maybe the reason why the church leaves these stories for the children to sing about and learn is because the details and deeper meanings are hard to swallow. 
     Think about it. Samson was the first Superman, only real. His physical strength is unprecedented. Under the direction of the Spirit of God, this Judge of Israel, slew a thousand men with the jawbone of a donkey.  Earlier, God flooded the entire world leaving only one family to survive. After Moses and the Israelites made it across the Red Sea, they watched God collapse the walls of water created by the split on top of their enemies. The army chasing them was destroyed. Daniel was spared. An angel came down and shut the mouths of the lions.
     Watching these stories unfold in film is amazing to me. It allows me to see the things in the Word I didn't before. SIDE NOTE: Whenever you watch dramatization of a biblical story have your Bible with you. Hollywood is doing us a great service. I am thankful for the movies made that bring the Bible to life. However, sometimes corners are cut due to money and time. Be sure that what you are seeing holds true to the sound doctrine. Anyway, film can be an excellent learning tool while studying the scriptures.
     The best drama is always a true story. That's why reality TV is competing with fictitious episodes. So, dig into the Word of God. It's awesome how the Lord has laid His plan through such a beautiful story of love for us. It has everything in it that is drama because God has chosen to work through fallible men and women. Want a good story? Looking for some intrigue or drama? Read the Bible. It's real. It's alive. And, it's for you.

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