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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Come Out of the Closet - Part 1

Fear gripped me while working for a prestigious national agency. I was surrounded by nationally known and respected professionals in the education field. It was a constant battle to voice my belief in Jesus Christ and stand on priniciples based on His word. Those of you who know my tenacity and boldness for Christ may find this surprising. But let me tell you, the tension I felt when the Holy Spirit would give me the cue to share was amazing.

It is easy to be bold and testify when with like-minded people. Now, I work in a church and can freely speak about the Lord, quote scriptures, and pray openly. For those of you who are working outside of ministry or the church, I know what some of you are going through. I understand the pressure to be silent, the fear of being rejected or maybe even fired. Believe me, I know. The tug of war you are experiencing in your soul is real. Stand or lose my families livelihood? Speak or get the next promotion? 

Brother, sister... there is good news. There is at least one other person in your place of work who believes as you do. You are not alone. In Luke 10:1, Jesus sent them out two by two. Based on everything I have seen in the Word, the Lord will not send you into your place of work for His Glory, all by yourself. There is always at least two. If you don't know who the person/persons are, look for them. Ask the Holy Spirit to introduce you to your partner in Christ. And, don't be surprised if it is a person/persons that you have not been getting along with. That's the devil working division to prevent the two of you from putting ten thousand of his to flight (Deut. 32:30.) If you know who the person/persons are, introduce yourself to him/her/them. They may have been praying for you.

I remember when I learned who the first believer was in place of work. I dropped my jaw. It was someone very high up. At the end of the year, he posted charities that we should consider giving to and one of them was his church. The next conference we had I gave him a hug, shook his hand off of his arm and with a smile from ear to ear spoke two words, "Me too."

Praise the Lord! He knew what I meant and just chuckled. The enemy of this world is moving to push Christians into a corner and make us feel vulnerable and naked if we voice who we are and what we believe. We cannot allow this anymore. The more we remain silent, the more ground he gains and the more souls are lost.  This year let's make a commitment to the gospel of Christ and bearers of Romans 1:16:

"For I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ,
for it is the power of God to salvation
 for everyone who believes,
for the Jew first and also for the Greek."

God bless you as you serve Him where you are. Amen!

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  1. Glenda V BroughtonJanuary 5, 2011 at 9:44 PM

    Girl, I once worked in the corporate world before coming to the church. What helped me get through work was gathering a few friends together for a power lunch! Yes, we brought our bibles. You'd be surprised how quietely word gets around to those that are hungry for the word.