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Monday, January 17, 2011

More Than A Dream

Today, millions in America gave honor to a man who decided to lead a nation against division. A man who said no more to racism and prejudice. Though it has been many decades since the civil rights movement, we still struggle. Change has taken place. But, I dare say that the depth of the dream Dr. King spoke about has not yet occurred.

Dr. King's speech challenged the nation to practice truths that are known and written by our nation's founding father's, who also were believers in Christ. His call was a challenge to justice with righteousness. When disclosing his dream, in his first statement he said, "...that the glory of the Lord be revealed, and all flesh see it together." This was not just about black and white people getting along. It herald a unity and brotherhood of a nation that can only happen by a Holy God. A God, we have chosen to give a back seat to when it comes to decision making for our country. Racism and prejudice still exist. And, righteousness... we are far from it as a whole.

The Reverand, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., had it right. For true unity to prevail, God must reign through leaders who are righteously just. The Father in Heaven is the glue. He is the chord that will bind us together. We have to give our nation back to Him. We have to allow Him to reign. And, when He does, the bells of liberty will ring and true freedom will resound.

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