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Thursday, January 27, 2011

The Bride

After I said, "yes," to a question most women want to hear, the whirlwind began. Meetings with consultants; speaking with parents, mine and his; shopping; bridal shows; phone calls; fittings; choices of cake, cake filling, icing, and flowers. Announcements sent, church and country club reserved. Photographer, musicians, singers, dancers and D.J. selected. Choreography created and taught. Dresses for bride's maids and tux's for groomsmen. More fittings, newspaper article done and invitations sent out. Massages, skin treatments, manicures, pedicures, hair styled and make-up done. This barely scratches the surface of the preparation and work gone into our wedding day.

What extreme effort. What precise planning. What dedication. What great amount of commitment given in time and thought. What great price. My only prayer tonight is that we all would put as much effort, commitment, time, thought and dedication to the wedding of all weddings, the wedding feast of the Lamb. And, Hallelujah!! The price was paid at Calvary. Be encouraged. Join me in the preparation for our coming King. Send out the invitations of eternity. Adorn yourself with the righteousness of Christ and be presented on that Day without spot or wrinkle.

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