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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Our Jurisdiction

My favorite scene in the movie "The Saint," starring Val Kilmer, is when his co-star makes a mad dash for the American Embassy in Russia. As her pursuers are chasing her she screams at the guards, "I'm an American!" The gates are opened and the guards put their guns in the faces of the bad guys and basically tell them to get back.

As you know, your national embassy in a foreign land is just like being in your country. All of the laws that are established in your home country apply in that embassy even though it resides in a place far from home. Similarly, as believers we a operate the same way. The word tells us to put on our armor and part of that armor is shoes of peace. Our Lord and Savior is the Prince of Peace, so on our race and in our journey we are walking with and in Peace. We also know by scripture that we are ambassadors of God's Kingdom, Christ reigns in our heart and we are filled with the Holy Spirit. Put all this together and what do you have?
An embassy.

Everywhere you go; God's law is there. Whatever ground your feet touch; is Holy ground. Inside of you resides the power to set captives free and send the enemy fleeing. We carry the right of passage Home and can help people with their documents of salvation and eternal life that our held in the pages of the Book of Life. Passports? Not a problem. They are sealed by the blood of the Lamb and have no expiration date. Everything we need to let those around us know that the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand, is inside of us.

I want to encourage all of us to walk like we know Who and What we are representing. When something goes your way and someone says, "Wow your are lucky," or "Things just seem to work out for you," respond matter of factly, "I'm just blessed with the favor of God," or "Oh you know. It's the Lord. As my Daddy, He just wants to bless me," or "Oh. I'm a child of God. Comes with the territory."

You will get some interesting looks. Believe me. But, it is a way to plant seeds and also get a conversation going about the love and blessing of God for those who follow Him. We have the Lord, God Almighty, the Maker of Heaven and earth on our side. So, walk in a way that causes others to pause and wonder what it is that you have. Be bait and start fishing for those who need the refuge and shelter of the Lord. There is nothing to lose and everything to gain, maybe even a soul.

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