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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The Kiss of Death

What anguish the Lord went through in the Garden of Gethsemane. His capellaries actually burst which caused him to sweat blood. His best friends could not keep watch and pray with Him and another friend sealed His fate with a kiss. Unbelievable!! Man. That had to hurt.

I have been betrayed, rejected, slandered and falsely accused... many times. It is sooo painful. Your heart wants to stop but keeps pounding to help you get out the sobs and weeping. It is awful. But, Hallelujah!! What a friend we have in Jesus! When it comes to betrayal the Lord has felt it. He has been there and can empathize with us when it comes to being hurt by ones we love and trust.

The experience of betrayal is one I am pretty sure we all, or at least many of us, can relate to. But how do you deal with it? Here is a look into my experience and how the Lord responded to me. His Word and instruction came to me through writing the following poem. I pray it blesses and ministers to you while reading it.

A Cry's Answer
By Lisa Martin
LORD! GOD! My Savior!! Hold me tightly in your arms.
There are tongues of slander meaning to scar.
As buzzards do flesh, the words eat at my spirit.
And though they don't know my ears are hearing it.
Oh my soul!! Lord Jesus please mend.
Many of these words from the lips of friends.
Tears flow like rain; I want to run and hide.
Though Your word says You are by my side.
I crawl to the cross make my armor new
And, tell me Lord, what should I do?

My sweet, sweet child. You need not be afraid.
For things such as this, the price has been paid.
Do not fret or fear, wounds of slander and rejection.
I will use this to mold you closer to My perfection.
Be filled with compassion; walk as I did.
And be cautious now with words from lips.
These earthly circumstances may not seem fair today.
But, keep hope and the faith; I am on My way.
For there will come a time when all will give account
For every word chosen to come from the mouth.

And when I return I will make all right.
Let me lift your head and shine through you with Light.
Do not retaliate; and do not curse.
My instruction to you, is to do the reverse.
Bless persecutors; enemy or friend.
And, see my Glory; power that mends.
Have mercy, serve; give grace as above.
But most importantly; I command you to LOVE.

Brothers... sisters... God bless you as you walk in love toward those who reject, slander, persecute, falsely accuse and/or betray you. And may the kisses of wrong bestowed on you be turned to kill the source behind it.

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  1. I almost think that we are elevated to a higher level of understanding when the Lord allows us to be persecuted because we're closer than ever to experiencing the 'fellowship of suffering' of Jesus at that point. I almost see it as a blessing. Oh wait... Matthew did too! hehe. 'Blessed are those who are persecuted....'. Course I'm referring to all kinds too - not just to persecution of faith. I'm sure Jesus took things personally too.