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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Rocking the Boat

The cutest game very young children play is peek-a-boo with their hinds covering their face. It's cute because they actually believe no one can see them until they uncover their eyes. Adults play along by saying things like, "I can't find so-and-so. I wonder where he is." And, then the child uncovers their eyes and the adult exclaims, "There he is!" This game cracks me up because we play along and act like we can't see them.

It's interesting because we do the same thing with the Lord sometimes. We try to hide from Him who sees all things. Adam and Eve tried to hide from Him in the garden and Jonah actually thought he could run away from Him. Well we all know that you can't hide from the Father. He always knows exactly where each of us is.

But, I don't know if we really understand the extent of consequences that come when we run from, hide from or disobey the Lord. I mean I wonder what outcome would have occurred if Adam ran to the Lord after Eve was deceived instead of running from Him? The choice made to eat and run cost many things, but ultimately, Christ on the cross. And, Jonah, who ran via boat, put the lives of everyone on the ship in danger by his disobedience. The Bible tells that the terrible storm was literally breaking the ship because Jonah fled from the Lord. The others not knowing this cast lots to find out who was rocking the boat. When the lot fell on Jonah, he explained that the storm and danger were his fault. The only way for the others on the ship to be safe was to throw Jonah into the sea. In addition to bringing storms into others lives, we can delay blessing on others, even salvation when running from God. The whole city of Ninevah was on the other side of Jonah's obedience.

So, this is my question. Is there someone or many waiting on the other side of your obedience to the Lord. Are you rocking anyone's boat? Or, is someone rocking yours? Hide-and-seek is a fun game for children. But I don't think it is one the Lord likes to play with us.

Whatever God is calling you to do, you know there is greatness and blessing attached to it. He is a GREAT God! We have to be diligent in casting away fears and doubts. We have to humble ourselves and know that God is right 100% of the time. So, if you're rockin' a boat, jump into the sea. Allow whatever fish to come and give you a ride back to your place of destiny. Be an instrument in the hands of God; a vessel bringing His blessing to those who are waiting to receive it.

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