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In His Grip,
Lisa - Warrior, Princess

Sunday, January 16, 2011


While serving the Lord in India, I came across a fisherman. His leathery skin looked burnt, on top of burnt, on top of burnt. I was mesmorized by the skill he used with a net to catch fish on the side of his small boat. Not much time passed and he brought his boat back to shore (there were no docks,) grabbed his catch of the day and walked towards me. As he passed by, two things came to my immediate attention. One was the awful smell that was attached to him.  He stunk. BAD!! Man... I almost gagged. The other was the condition of his feet. They were burnt like the rest of his body. His heels bore deep, vertical cracks. His toe nails were yellow. When he was out of sight I thought, "That guy needs a bath and pedicure." At that moment, the Lord spoke to me, "That is who I chose."

Immediately, the disciples came to mind. There I was sitting there convicted about judging the man who walked by me. I mean, I wouldn't choose him. Especially, to lead the church. But, fisherman are who Christ chose as the leaders of the gospel of Christ. The only qualification they needed was there response to the call. No documents. No resumes. No references. No previous experience. That's because the Lord had already qualified them.

It is true that the Lord will qualify the called, to whatever the calling is. He is not looking for us to do things in our own strength. He is looking for obedience. A rendering of our will to submit to what He has for us to do. Many are called and have shrunk back due to believing they are not good enough or have what it takes to do what they are beckoned to do.

Listen. All you need is the call of God. He will work everything else out. Look at the people He chose to do great things in His word. Rahab, the prostitute, turned spy to help the Israelites in conquering Jericho. Or, how about the adulteress at the well who led a city to Christ. Okay... then there was Moses. He was smart. But, he had a lisp and was wanted for murder in the land God told him to go to. Ezekial was a great sinner by his own admission, but chosen as one of the great prophets of the Lord.

What is the Lord calling you to? Are you letting the expectations of others get in your way? Or, are you allowing others to dictate that you can't? Or, do you lack faith in yourself? If the Lord is telling you to do, then do. He knows what He is doing. Trust Him to believe in you. Believe Him, that you are right for the job. And, with Him on your side, you will succeed. 

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