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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

DOMA & Abortion: Rulings in the Supreme Court and Texas

     WOWWWAH!! It is amazing to me the things I am reading regarding the recent rulings that  have taken place over the last 24 hours. Homosexuality and abortion are passionate discussions that are fueled by moral and value systems; some of those systems are directly linked to religious and faith-based beliefs. Tears of joy and disappointment have been shed today because of the extreme difference of opinion.
     However, it is the disagreement that we display all over the media that gives hope to other countries who can't speak or raise their voices at all. Here in the United States of America we have the right to argue. We have the right to make changes with our voices. I thank God that I live in a country where both sides have a right to speak their mind, share their belief and lay out their perspective on issues that fuel debate. 
     Due to the First Amendment I listen to and will not ask those I disagree with to be silent. I will not call them haters. I will not call them intolerant. And, I believe those who are truly passionate about the First Amendment will listen to my words they may disagree with and refrain from name calling.
    I know many women who have been faced with the decision of abortion. Some of the women who did not choose to have an abortion were not believers. Some of the women who chose to have abortions were. Not one of these women I have met felt it was an easy decision. Race, color, belief, political party, economic status do not dictate who gets to face this decision and who doesn't. It touches women and men of all backgrounds, beliefs, races etc. Now being a born-again believer, it is not a choice I would make. In addition, being an Infant Toddler Specialist who has studied for years the development of children from conception to 36 months old out of the womb, I would not make the choice because I know the science. In  my professional opinion, based on the science, from conception it is life; a life-form separate from the carrier, but dependent on the carrier to survive. I believe that that life has a right even though it is not yet able to speak.
     I know many people who live in the homosexual lifestyle. Some of them don't believe in any deity. Some do; even in the God I serve. One is a man I respect, pray for and trust with my hair. We have both shared our beliefs; he knows what I believe. You know what? He is still the only hair dresser I will allow to put scissors, color or flat iron to my hair. Interestingly, we do argue. We fight and go back and forth at each other all the time but, not about the obvious. It's not what you would think. He is in denial about the Spurs and I am trying to minister the truth to him about the Lakers. Johnny - I love you baby, but Lakers rule!
    Choices have existed from the beginning. God Himself, put the tree of knowledge of good and evil in the garden and told Adam and Eve not to choose to eat from it. They chose to eat it. I believe that all things in the earth the Bible teaches we should refrain from are new trees that the Lord would not have us eat from. When people choose to eat from those trees it is between them and the Creator of the Universe; their maker.
     If you are a believer our response is to kneel. We are to pray for all that God would reveal Himself and His plan for each one. We need to pull the log out of our eye and find out where we need to repent. We need to wait on the Holy Spirit to direct in correction and share our faith dripping in love, with love in action and transparency.
     Many of you reading this know that I am an Evangelical Christian. My belief system and moral code is greatly founded on the teachings of Jesus Christ and the Scriptures of the Canonized Bible. So, I would hope that all, including myself, would have due diligence in adhering to those teachings. This hope is based on the belief that these teachings are God's choice for us. He wants us to have His best.
     Yes. I believe that the homosexual lifestyle and abortion are wrong. But I also believe that smoking, drunkenness, manipulation, lying, gossip, meanness, cruelty, slander, back-stabbing and back-biting are wrong. However, I will not judge or condemn those who practice these things; nor will I withdraw my friendship or love from them. Wielding the gavel is the Lord's job. Mine is to work to live a holy, righteous, sanctified life and share my testimony of Christ crucified. And, thank God, thank God! I live in a place that allows me to make that choice, freely. 


  1. That's really well-stated, Lisa. I'm glad I took the time to read that.

    - Mike Ballew

  2. Amen!! Thanks for sharing Truth and Love!!
    Love you,

    Cecelia R.