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Monday, June 24, 2013

Whose Your Pawtnuh (Partner)

    This is the funny, long story I promised yesterday. As most of you know, my dad and uncle are doing road trip in Route 66. However, it was not smooth cruisin' for many members in my family when it became extremely possible my dad would be doing the drive on his own. The road trip is almost 2500 miles one-way. Route 66 in its current condition is lacking serious maintenance. Many portions of the road are closed or due to time, covered with dirt and cacti. Navigating the road takes planning, plenty of rests stops and... a partner. Unfortunately, my dad was dead set on doing the trip with or without a partner.
     As my uncle says, the family went to DEFCON 1 and started negotiations on preventing a war against my dad's trip. I had all kinds of ideas: have my mom mail his Corvette keys to me... in Texas, have a family member hide the car or take his wallet. Other family members tried reason; giving details about the road and how unwise it would be to do the drive alone. BUT, glory to God, my uncle, Melvin, came to the rescue. He booked a ticket to LA from Boise to embark on the journey with my dad. The message from him allowed all of us to go to DEFCON 4.
    In yesterday's post I mentioned how important it is to drive the road of life with God. Likewise, do life with a friend. Loners are not able to experience the abundance of blessing God has for us through relationships in our journey to destiny. True friends need to be in your midst to help with the rough spots in your road. 
     Technology is great. I have a great time on Facebook, texting and calling friends; and now using Skype. It  is a lot of fun! However, face to face time is just as important. We need to spend time in each other's presence to uplift and encourage each other. Ask God to bring to you and seek out good friends you can do life with, who will tell you the truth, hold you in their prayers and are excited about the things the Lord has in store for you. Doing life with the giver of life and some partners in your corner will make for a drive sure to reach its destination.

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