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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

How's Your Run

I had an absolute blast yesterday with some of my friends. We decided to go walking and running to get some exercise on the trail. We reached a water station and ran into one of my friend's fiancee, Jorge. Now... this guy is the real deal. He is an athlete. Four of us girls come to the water station and we are laughing and having a good time; not really serious about the work out. Roxanne's fiancee notices that none of us have broke a sweat and challenges us to run the rest of the trail. "Hey," he says in a coach like manner, "We should all reach the mopac bridge at the same time."

DANNNNGGGG!!! So, we all start makin' excuses of why we won't meet Jorge at the same time he would get there. So, he takes off one direction and we take off. Okay. As soon as Jorge is out of sight we start walking. We are having fun with each other and talking and laughing; just having a great girl time. We decide to start running when we get to the bridge. I'm thinking good plan. Jorge will at least see we ran. Before we get to the bridge, guess who is standing there on the side of the trail looking at us disappointedly? You got it, Jorge. BUSTED!! 

This scenario reminds me of how we run our race when we feel the Lord is not watching. We have a tendency to forget that His eye is on us ALL... THE .... TIME!! Unlike Jorge, the Lord is omnipresent and sees all things.  So, how's your race this morning? Do you just have the outfit on or have you broke a sweat? If others saw you on the trail would they see a true runner or a poser? The Lord has called to run the race of the gospel until he calls us home. That takes perserverance and endurance. Run your race knowing that our Coach is present. His eyes are locked on wanting you to do and finish well. Like Jorge, at the end He will be at His water station waiting to reward you with a job well done.

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