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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The Destroyer, Doubt

When Jesus went into a house to heal a sick girl, He kicked everyone out except for a couple of the disciples before the healing took place. In Nazareth, the Bible tells us that Jesus did not see many healings and miracles because of the lack of faith there. Looking at the Word, there is a clear distinction between the fruit of faith and the fruit of doubt.

So, here are a few questions. What if people are not healed due to a low measure of faith, either on the recipient's side or the minister's side? Jesus instructed his disciples to teach everything that He taught them to the world. One of those things was acts of healing. Are we going to be held accountable for this at the Throne of Grace? Is the excuse, "Well it is not God's will..." when someone is not healed really the true reason or did we blame shift our lack of faith onto the Father?

In the Word, Jesus pointed out faith and even assisted with the unbelief of a parent wanting his child healed. So, faith is definately an eliment. I believe that if we focus on belief and study God's Word with a pure heart we will unlock the answers to the above questions. At any rate I challenge myself and other believers to practice faith and destroy the works of doubt and unbelief. And who knows what will happen; maybe even a miracle.

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